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 Rabinovich, Yelena
MS 1993
Advisor: William Wolfe
Neural network approach to resource-constrained scheduling problems
 Raden, Paolo
MS 1997
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Design, implementation, and evaluation of LaMorb, a high speed CORBA inter-object communication system
 Rader, Cyndi Ann
PhD 2000
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Using students' expressive models to facilitate conceptual development
 Rauhauser, Russ Curtis
MS 1979
Advisor: William Waite
PASFOR: a Pascal-FORTRAN translator
 Rausch, Martin Frank
MS 1996
Advisor: Alexander Repenning
The agent repository: supporting collaborative contextualized learning with a medium for indirect communication
 Ray, Baishakhi
MS 2009
Advisor: Richard Han
SecureWear: Securing wearable mobile social networks
 Razgulin, Sergei
MS 2008
Advisor: Richard Han
PUFFS: Probabilistically utilized flash file system for sensor motes and embedded systems
 Redmiles, David Francis
PhD 1992
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
From programming tasks to solutions: bridging the gap through the explanation of examples
 Reese, William David
PhD 2001
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
An investigation of techniques for integrating Web-accessible data
 Reeves, Brent Neal
PhD 1993
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Supporting collaborative design by embedding communication and history in design artifacts
 Reichenbach, Christoph
PhD 2010
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Program metamorphosis
 Reid, Samuel Robert
PhD 2010
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Model combination in multiclass classification
 Reindel, Michael Stephen
MS 1991
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
NADA: a non-imperative yet practical high-level programming language
 Rembert, Aubrey Javar
PhD 2008
Advisor: Clarence (Skip) Ellis
Automatic discovery of workflow models
 Renninger, Larry Gene
MS 1990
Advisor: William Wolfe
Object identification using neural network techniques
 Repenning, Alexander
PhD 1993
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Agentsheets: a tool for building domain-oriented dynamic, visual environments
 Rew, Russell Keith
PhD 1987
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
The representation of highly parameterized families of software components
 Richards, Elizabeth Lake
PhD 1991
Advisor: Gary Bradshaw
Generalization in neural networks: experiments in speech recognition
 Richenderfer, Tommie Glen
MS 1979
Advisor: William Waite
Design and development of a cross-assembler for the Motorola 6800 microprocessor
 Rieman, John Franklin
PhD 1994
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Learning strategies and exploratory behavior of interactive computer users
 Romanyshyn, Nicholas Paul
MS 2007
Advisor: Ronald Cole
Automatic measures of oral reading
 Rose, Jeffrey Neal
BS 2003
Advisor: Richard Han
Developing a complete system architecture for sensor networking
 Rosing, Matthew
MS 1988
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Dino: a language for writing numerical applications on distributed memory multiprocessors
 Rosing, Matthew
PhD 1991
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Efficient language constructs for complex data parallelism on distributed memory multiprocessors
 Ross, Natalie Dawn
PhD 2008
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
The dynamics of point-vortex data assimilation
 Rubinstein, Diane Lois
MS 1985
Advisor: William Murray
FP as a general intermediate language
 Rupp-Greene, Travis Alexander
BS 2009
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Analysis of software evolution over time
 Rutherford, Matthew John
MS 2001
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
EJB-ARK: Enterprise JavaBean automatic reconfiguration framework
 Rutherford, Matthew John
PhD 2006
Advisor: Antonio Carzaniga
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Adequate system-level testing of distributed systems
 Ryan, Nathan Derrek
PhD 2004
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Using event-based translation to support dynamic protocol evolution
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