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PhD Theses Advised by James Martin

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Vander Linden, Keith Neil
PhD 1993
Speaking of actions: choosing rhetorical status and grammatical form in instructional text
 Juola, Patrick M.
PhD 1995
Learning to translate: a psycholinguistic approach to the induction of grammars and transfer functions
 Jones, Michael Paul
PhD 1997
Spoken-language help for high-functionality applications
 Mather, Laura Anne
PhD 1998
Enhancing cluster-based retrieval through linear algebra
 Schone, Patrick John
PhD 2001
Toward knowledge-free induction of machine-readable dictionaries
 Coccaro, Noah Bart
PhD 2005
Latent semantic analysis as a tool to improve automatic speech recognition performance
 Bethard, Steven John
PhD 2007
Finding event, temporal and causal structure in text: A machine learning approach
 Ahmad, Faisal
PhD 2008
Generating conceptually personalized interactions for educational digital libraries using concept maps
 Chen, Ying
PhD 2008
Robust unsupervised named-entity disambiguation
 Nielsen, Rodney Dybdal
PhD 2008
Learner answer assessment in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
 Kireyev, Kirill M.
PhD 2010
Applications of distributional vector space models to modeling of psycholinguistic phenomena
 Mangalath, Praful Chandra
PhD 2010
The construction of meaning - the role of context in corpus based approaches to language modeling
 Wetzler, Philipp Georg
PhD 2010
Computational models of quality for educational digital resource assessment
 Bong, Chih How
PhD 2011
Exploring the semantic meaning of constructs that lead to human decisions
 Cer, Daniel Matthew
PhD 2011
Parameterizing phrase based statistical machine translation models: an analytic study
 Salvetti, Franco
PhD 2012
Detecting deception in text: a corpus-driven approach
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