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PhD Theses Advised by Gerhard Fischer

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Lemke, Andreas Christian
PhD 1989
Design environments for high-functionality computer systems
 Mastaglio, Thomas Walter
PhD 1990
A user modelling approach for computer-based critiquing
 Girgensohn, Andreas Georg
PhD 1992
End-user modifiability in knowledge-based design environments
 Redmiles, David Francis
PhD 1992
From programming tasks to solutions: bridging the gap through the explanation of examples
 Henninger, Scott Robert
PhD 1993
Locating relevant examples for example-based software design
 Nakakoji, Kumiyo
PhD 1993
Increasing shared understanding of a design task between designers and design environments: the role of a specification component
 Reeves, Brent Neal
PhD 1993
Supporting collaborative design by embedding communication and history in design artifacts
 Shipman, Frank Major
PhD 1993
Supporting knowledge-base evolution with incremental formalization
 Stahl, Gerry
PhD 1993
Interpretation in design: the problem of tacit and explicit understanding in computer support of cooperative design
 Stevens, Curtis Frank
PhD 1993
Knowledge-based assistance for accessing large, poorly structured information spaces
 Sullivan, James Francis
PhD 1995
A proactive computational approach for learning while working
 Sumner, Tamara Ruth
PhD 1995
Designers and their tools: computer support for domain construction
 Ostwald, Jonathan L.
PhD 1996
Knowledge construction in software development: the evolving artifact approach
 Lindstaedt, Stefanie Natascha
PhD 1998
Group memories: a knowledge medium for communities of interest
 Ye, Yunwen
PhD 2001
Supporting component-based software development with active component repository systems
 Scharff, Eric David
PhD 2002
Open source: a conceptual framework for collaborative artifact and knowledge construction
 de Paula, Rogério Abreu
PhD 2004
The construction of usefulness : how users and context create meaning with a social networking system
 Carmien, Stefan Parry
PhD 2006
Socio-technical environments supporting distributed cognition for persons with cognitive disabilities
 Dawe, Melissa Ann
PhD 2007
Reflective design-in-use: Co-designing an assistive remote communication system with individuals with cognitive disabilities and their families
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