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PhD Theses Advised by Dirk Grunwald

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Srinivasan, Harini
PhD 1994
Optimizing explicitly parallel programs
 Calder, Bradley Gene
PhD 1995
Hardware and software mechanisms for instruction fetch prediction
 Joseph, Douglas James
PhD 1997
Dynamic Markov model based prefetching
 Vajracharya, Suvas
PhD 1997
Runtime loop optimizations for locality and parallelism
 Aggarwal, Anshu
PhD 1998
Analysis of the Hemingway multiple-writer implementation of release consistency for software distributed shared memory systems
 Lindsay, Donald Charles
PhD 1998
Static methods in branch prediction
 Klauser, Artur
PhD 1999
Reducing branch misprediction penalty through multipath execution
 Maltzahn, Carlos Georg
PhD 1999
Improving resource utilization of enterprise-level World-Wide Web proxy servers
 Cooksey, Robert Neale
PhD 2002
Content-sensitive data prefetching
 Ghiasi, Soraya
PhD 2004
Aide de Camp: asymmetric multi-core design for dynamic thermal management
 Gruteser, Marco Oliver
PhD 2004
Privacy for location-based queries through automatic resolution control
 Neufeld, Michael John
PhD 2004
Constructing scalable wireless networks with directional antennas
 Morrey, Charles Bradfield III
PhD 2006
CIMStore: Content-aware integrity maintaining storage
 Schelle, Graham Forrest
PhD 2007
Runtime allocation and scheduling policies across network on chip architectures
 Doerr, Christian
PhD 2008
Local control of cognitive radio networks
 McCoy, Damon Liwanu
PhD 2009
Quantifying and improving wireless privacy
 Moseley, Tipp James
PhD 2009
Performance accountability for optimizing compilers
 Anderson, Eric William
PhD 2010
Integrated scheduling and beam steering for spatial reuse
 Yee, Gary Vincent
PhD 2010
Ordering and combinatorial effects of wireless optimizations in beam forming 802.11 WLANs
 Bauer, Kevin Scott
PhD 2011
Improving security and performance in low latency anonymous networks
 Fifield, Jeffrey Matthew
PhD 2011
Generating, optimizing, and scheduling a compiler level representation of stream parallelism
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