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PhD Theses Advised by Clayton Lewis

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Keene, Carol Ann
PhD 1990
Document retrieval using statistical word decomposition
 Hair, Dwight Charles
PhD 1991
LEGALESE: a legal argumentation tool
 Bell, Brigham Roy
PhD 1992
Using programming walkthroughs to design a visual language
 Wolfe, Donald Eugene
PhD 1992
A connectionist model of letter and word recognition
 Repenning, Alexander
PhD 1993
Agentsheets: a tool for building domain-oriented dynamic, visual environments
 Rieman, John Franklin
PhD 1994
Learning strategies and exploratory behavior of interactive computer users
 Wharton, Cathleen Susan
PhD 1994
A comparative study of soar and the construction-integration model
 Wilde, Nicholas Paul
PhD 1994
Datasheets: designing an end-user programming environment to support a specific domain
 Hübscher, Roland
PhD 1995
Visual programming with temporal constraints in a subsumption-like architecture
 Boyd, Casey
PhD 1997
Designing usability into virtual environments
 Blough, Eric Browder
PhD 1998
Simplifying the construction of interactive programs in a functional programming environment
 Myers, William Loring
PhD 2000
Effects of visual representations of dynamic hazard worlds on human navigational performance
 Rader, Cyndi Ann
PhD 2000
Using students' expressive models to facilitate conceptual development
 Wehrend, Stephen Charles
PhD 2002
Design process for application-specific languages: a language for water resources policy specification
 Cherry, Gina
PhD 2003
Effects of modeling software on fifth grade students' construction of computer-based models: a classroom study comparing two software designs
 Carlson, James Arthur
PhD 2010
Surface wrapping: A deformable mesh approach to semi-automatic 3D volume segmentation
 Marbach, Jonathan
PhD 2010
Supporting multiple users in single-stereo-pair immersive virtual reality environments
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