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PhD Theses by Year - 2010



 Anderson, Eric William
PhD 2010
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Integrated scheduling and beam steering for spatial reuse
 Carlson, James Arthur
PhD 2010
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Surface wrapping: A deformable mesh approach to semi-automatic 3D volume segmentation
 Crumly, Daniel Lee
PhD 2010
Advisor: Richard Byrd
On the reliability of Newton's method in the presence of singularity
 Dligach, Dmitriy
PhD 2010
Advisor: Martha Palmer
High-performance word sense disambiguation with less manual effort
 Elumeze, Nwanua Onochie
PhD 2010
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Ambient programming
 Gallagher, Suzanne Renick
PhD 2010
Advisor: Debra Goldberg
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Graph connectivity: approximation algorithms and applications to protein-protein interaction networks
 Gasparian, Anna
PhD 2010
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
Developing a conceptual framework and an application prototype for "sketching" an interactive reporting tool
 Kireyev, Kirill M.
PhD 2010
Advisor: James Martin
Applications of distributional vector space models to modeling of psycholinguistic phenomena
 Krunic, Veljko
PhD 2010
Advisor: Richard Han
Scalable software control of a million-element cyber-physical systems using graphics processing unit
 Lepthien, William Van
PhD 2010
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
Dynamic behavior management in an entity-oriented software environment
 Mangalath, Praful Chandra
PhD 2010
Advisor: James Martin
The construction of meaning - the role of context in corpus based approaches to language modeling
 Marbach, Jonathan
PhD 2010
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Supporting multiple users in single-stereo-pair immersive virtual reality environments
 Mytkowicz, Todd D.
PhD 2010
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Supporting experiments in computer systems research
 Reichenbach, Christoph
PhD 2010
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Program metamorphosis
 Reid, Samuel Robert
PhD 2010
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Model combination in multiclass classification
 Wetzler, Philipp Georg
PhD 2010
Advisor: James Martin
Computational models of quality for educational digital resource assessment
 White, Elizabeth Kendrick
PhD 2010
Advisor: Lawrence Hunter
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Pattern-based extraction of argumentation from the scientific literature
 Yee, Gary Vincent
PhD 2010
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Ordering and combinatorial effects of wireless optimizations in beam forming 802.11 WLANs
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