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PhD Theses by Year - 2008



 Abernethy, Jennifer Anne
PhD 2008
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
A domain analysis approach to clear-air turbulence forecasting using high-density in-situ measurements
 Ahmad, Faisal
PhD 2008
Advisor: Tamara Sumner
Advisor: James Martin
Generating conceptually personalized interactions for educational digital libraries using concept maps
 Chen, Ying
PhD 2008
Advisor: James Martin
Robust unsupervised named-entity disambiguation
 Cochran, Martin James
PhD 2008
Advisor: John Black
Cryptographic hash functions
 Doerr, Christian
PhD 2008
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Local control of cognitive radio networks
 Hendrix, Susan Lee
PhD 2008
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Popup Workshop: Computationally enhanced paper engineering for children
 Huang, Jyh-How
PhD 2008
Advisor: Shivakant Mishra
Occasionally connected wireless sensor networks for search and rescue and wildlife monitoring
 Khan, Huda Jaliluddin
PhD 2008
Advisor: Tamara Sumner
The central role of adaptation for curriculum enactment: Designing educational software for adaptation of curriculum using digital library resources
 Marwah, Manish
PhD 2008
Advisor: Shivakant Mishra
Enhanced server fault-tolerance techniques for improved user experience
 Nie, Shuxin
PhD 2008
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Algorithms on long paths and cycles in graphs
 Nielsen, Rodney Dybdal
PhD 2008
Advisor: Wayne Ward
Advisor: James Martin
Learner answer assessment in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
 Rembert, Aubrey Javar
PhD 2008
Advisor: Clarence (Skip) Ellis
Automatic discovery of workflow models
 Ross, Natalie Dawn
PhD 2008
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
The dynamics of point-vortex data assimilation
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