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PhD Theses by Year - 2007



 Bethard, Steven John
PhD 2007
Advisor: James Martin
Finding event, temporal and causal structure in text: A machine learning approach
 Buechley, Leah Alyssa
PhD 2007
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
An investigation of computational textiles with applications to education and design
 Dawe, Melissa Ann
PhD 2007
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Reflective design-in-use: Co-designing an assistive remote communication system with individuals with cognitive disabilities and their families
 Dunn, Joseph Patrick
PhD 2007
Advisor: John Bennett
SafeShare: Secure file sharing across trust boundaries
 Hashemi, Mazdak
PhD 2007
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
The analytical mediator for multi-dimensional data
 Hinds, Arianne Therese
PhD 2007
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Methodology for the design of linear algorithms for signal processing applications
 Procopio, Michael Jeffrey
PhD 2007
Advisor: Gregory Grudic
Advisor: Jane Mulligan
An experimental analysis of classifier ensembles for learning drifting concepts over time in autonomous outdoor robot navigation
 Schelle, Graham Forrest
PhD 2007
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Runtime allocation and scheduling policies across network on chip architectures
 Sheth, Anmol Nalin
PhD 2007
Advisor: Richard Han
Improving the performance of wireless systems through distributed fault diagnosis
 Von Dincklage, Daniel
PhD 2007
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Algorithmic optimizations
 Woitaszek, Matthew Stephen
PhD 2007
Advisor: Henry Tufo
Tornado codes for archival storage
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