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PhD Theses by Year - 2006



 Arshad, Naveed
PhD 2006
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Advisor: Dennis Heimbigner
A planning-based approach to failure recovery in distributed systems
 Blauvelt, Glenn R.
PhD 2006
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
MachineShop: A design environment for supporting children's construction of mechanical reasoning and spatial cognition
 Carmien, Stefan Parry
PhD 2006
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Socio-technical environments supporting distributed cognition for persons with cognitive disabilities
 Crawl, Lester Daniel
PhD 2006
Advisor: John Bennett
Affinity-directed mobility
 Deng, Jing
PhD 2006
Advisor: Richard Han
Securing wireless sensor networks through intrusion tolerant design
 Hagen, Andreas
PhD 2006
Advisor: Bryan Pellom
Advances in children's speech recognition with application to interactive literacy tutors
 Jiang, Lianjun
PhD 2006
Advisor: Richard Byrd
Preconditioning the limited-memory BFGS algorithm
 Morrey, Charles Bradfield III
PhD 2006
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
CIMStore: Content-aware integrity maintaining storage
 Ovtchinnikov, Serguei G.
PhD 2006
Advisor: Xiao-Chuan Cai
Parallel implicit fully coupled Newton-Krylov-Schwarz methods for numerical simulations of magnetohydrodynamics
 Pradhan, Sameer Suresh
PhD 2006
Advisor: Wayne Ward
Robust semantic role labeling
 Rutherford, Matthew John
PhD 2006
Advisor: Antonio Carzaniga
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Adequate system-level testing of distributed systems
 Schreüder, Willem Adriaan
PhD 2006
Advisor: Xiao-Chuan Cai
Advisor: Oliver McBryan
Parallel numerical solution of groundwater flow problems
 Shucker, Brian Daniel
PhD 2006
Advisor: John Bennett
Control of distributed robotic macrosensors
 Strohmann, Thomas Richard
PhD 2006
Advisor: Gregory Grudic
Very sparse kernel models: Predicting with few examples and few features
 Wang, Yanyan
PhD 2006
Advisor: Antonio Carzaniga
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Automating experimentation with distributed systems using generative techniques
 Weingart, Troy Benjamin
PhD 2006
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
A method for dynamic reconfiguration of a cognitive radio system
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