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PhD Theses by Year - 1998



 Aggarwal, Anshu
PhD 1998
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Analysis of the Hemingway multiple-writer implementation of release consistency for software distributed shared memory systems
 Azmi, Aqil Mohammad Mustafa
PhD 1998
Advisor: Richard Byrd
Use of smoothing methods with stochastic perturbation for global optimization: (a study in the context of molecular chemistry)
 Blough, Eric Browder
PhD 1998
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Simplifying the construction of interactive programs in a functional programming environment
 Blumenthal, Richard Louis
PhD 1998
Advisor: Gary Nutt
Supporting unstructured activities with a meta-contextual protocol in situation-based workflow
 Doherty, Michael Edward
PhD 1998
Advisor: Richard Hull
A multistate service based on deltas and its application to support collaborative work
 Kadhim, Basim Markus
PhD 1998
Advisor: William Waite
Debugger generation in a compiler generation system
 Kim, Kwang-Hoon
PhD 1998
Advisor: Clarence (Skip) Ellis
Architectures for very large scale workflow management systems
 Lindsay, Donald Charles
PhD 1998
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Static methods in branch prediction
 Lindstaedt, Stefanie Natascha
PhD 1998
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Group memories: a knowledge medium for communities of interest
 Mather, Laura Anne
PhD 1998
Advisor: James Martin
Enhancing cluster-based retrieval through linear algebra
 Mathis, Donald Walter
PhD 1998
Advisor: Michael Mozer
A computational theory of consciousness in cognition
 Nix, David Allen
PhD 1998
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Machine-learning methods for inferring vocal-tract articulation from speech acoustics
 Oliker, Leonid
PhD 1998
Advisor: Oliver McBryan
PLUM: parallel load balancing for unstructured adaptive meshes
 Shi, Shanming
PhD 1998
Advisor: Satinder Singh
Modeling temporal structure of time series with Hidden Markov Experts
 Stolle, Reinhard
PhD 1998
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Integrated multimodal reasoning for modeling of physical systems
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