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PhD Theses by Year - 1995



 Barrett, David Andrews
PhD 1995
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
Improving the performance of conservative generational garbage collection
 Calder, Bradley Gene
PhD 1995
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Hardware and software mechanisms for instruction fetch prediction
 Crivelli, Silvia Noemi
PhD 1995
Advisor: Elizabeth Jessup
A programming paradigm and library for distributed-memory computers
 Dalrymple, James Steven
PhD 1995
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
Extending active database systems for the construction of interoperable systems
 Das, Sreerupa
PhD 1995
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Differentiable symbol manipulation and language induction
 Davison, Diane Leslie
PhD 1995
Advisor: Goetz Graefe
Dynamic resource allocation for multi-user query execution
 DiBiase, Julie
PhD 1995
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Building curricula to shape cognitive models: a case study of higher order procedures
 Eckert, Zulah Karen Fields
PhD 1995
Advisor: Gary Nutt
Trace extrapolation for parallel programs on shared memory multiprocessors
 Hübscher, Roland
PhD 1995
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Visual programming with temporal constraints in a subsumption-like architecture
 Juola, Patrick M.
PhD 1995
Advisor: James Martin
Learning to translate: a psycholinguistic approach to the induction of grammars and transfer functions
 Maybee, Mark John
PhD 1995
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
Component-object interoperability in a heterogeneous distributed environment
 McWhirter, Jeffrey Donald
PhD 1995
Advisor: Gary Nutt
Characterization, specification and generation of visual language applications
 Neves, Richard Kent
PhD 1995
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Threaded runtime support for the execution of fine grain code on coarse grain multiprocessors
 Shrairman, Ruth
PhD 1995
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
R2-heaps with suspended relaxation for manipulating priority queues and: a new algorithm for reweighting graphs
 Sullivan, James Francis
PhD 1995
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
A proactive computational approach for learning while working
 Sumner, Tamara Ruth
PhD 1995
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Designers and their tools: computer support for domain construction
 Tesar, Bruce Benson
PhD 1995
Advisor: Paul Smolensky
Computational optimality theory
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