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PhD Theses by Year - 1994



 Lynn, Patrick James
PhD 1994
Advisor: Paul Smolensky
System interaction in human memory and amnesia: theoretical analysis and connectionist modeling
 Markey, Kevin Lee
PhD 1994
Advisor: Michael Mozer
The sensorimotor foundations of phonology: a computational model of early childhood articulatory and phonetic development
 McConnell, Ross Malcolm
PhD 1994
Advisor: Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
Modular decomposition of graphs and two-structures
 McIver, William James
PhD 1994
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
An approach to self-adaptive, on-line reclustering of complex object data
 Mickus-Miceli, Kristina Diana
PhD 1994
Advisor: Gitta Domik
A data-centered framework for an assistant-based scientific visualization system
 Rieman, John Franklin
PhD 1994
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Learning strategies and exploratory behavior of interactive computer users
 Schauble, Carolyn Jean Canney
PhD 1994
Advisor: Lloyd Fosdick
Simulation of complex processors at the processor-cycle level
 Srinivasan, Harini
PhD 1994
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Optimizing explicitly parallel programs
 Wharton, Cathleen Susan
PhD 1994
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
A comparative study of soar and the construction-integration model
 Wilde, Nicholas Paul
PhD 1994
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Datasheets: designing an end-user programming environment to support a specific domain
 Wolniewicz, Richard Hansen
PhD 1994
Advisor: Goetz Graefe
Algebraic optimization of computations over scientific databases
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