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MS Theses Advised by William Waite

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Drummonds, James Thomas
MS 1969
A macro processor for the librascope L-3055 data processing system
 Botway, Lloyd Frederick
MS 1970
A machine-independent system for the graphical manipulation of flowcharts
 Stevenson, Wilfred Schuyler
MS 1972
On the automatic generation of optimal lexical analyzers
 Weber, Larry Bruce
MS 1973
A machine independent Pascal compiler
 Bailey, Mark Richard
MS 1974
Graph theory as it relates to block positioning in automated flowcharting
 Stuebe, Thomas Dean
MS 1974
A specification for an ANSI standard FORTRAN compiler
 Winograd, Stephen Frederick
MS 1975
Production of optimized object code from machine-independent macro language as applied to SNOBOL4
 Paddock, David Smith
MS 1979
Tape Access Online System [TAOS]
 Rauhauser, Russ Curtis
MS 1979
PASFOR: a Pascal-FORTRAN translator
 Richenderfer, Tommie Glen
MS 1979
Design and development of a cross-assembler for the Motorola 6800 microprocessor
 Van Heerden, Lawrence C.
MS 1980
The development of a code generator for the universal intermediate language Janus
 Kressel, Ulrich Hans-Georg
MS 1982
Experience with a code generator synthesis system
 Gibbons, Lee Douglas
MS 1984
An attribute grammar for the C programming language
 Hancock, Janell Kay
MS 1985
Experience using a retargetable peephole optimizer to achieve compiler portability
 Gray, Robert William
MS 1987
Generating fast, error recovering parsers
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