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MS Theses by Author - S

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 Saha, Dola
MS 2008
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Channel allocation using interference detection in multichannel wireless networks
 Sanders, Bruce Wayne
MS 1978
Advisor: Gary Nutt
The design and simulation of a bit slice implementation for MAP
 Sanders, Lucinda McWilliams
MS 1978
Advisor: Ashok Saxena
Design and development of a production query facility
 Saphier, David Jay
MS 1979
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
The evaluation of expressions with and without common subexpressions
 Sauer, Joseph Andrew
MS 1984
Advisor: Harry Jordan
Comparison of three methods of do-loop parallel execution on the HEP computer
 Savelzon, Igor
MS 2009
Advisor: Clarence (Skip) Ellis
Supporting Network Rational Democracy with information and communication technologies
 Schaefer, Gregory William
MS 1992
Advisor: Michael Schwartz
BTP: a bulk-data transport protocol for high bandwidth, high latency networks
 Scheder, Dominik Alban
MS 2005
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Approaches to approximating the minimum weight k-edge connected spanning subgraph of a mixed graph
 Schelle, Graham Forrest
MS 2004
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Automated speculation and parallelism in high performance network applications
 Schenk, Christopher Brendan
MS 2010
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Finding event-specific influencers in dynamic social networks
 Schorsch, Thomas Michael
MS 1990
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
Increasing the readability and comprehensibility of programs
 Schwanke, Lee MacLaren
MS 1972
Advisor: Robert Gammill
MACS - A programmable pre-processor with macrogeneration facilities
 Scott, Sidney Harlow
MS 1972
Advisor: Richard Fairley
An analysis of the HASP remote batch workstation program
 Searight, Keith Ramsey
MS 1990
Advisor: William Wolfe
An expert system approach for seismic data acquisition
 Sengodan, Kothai
MS 1994
Advisor: Carol Keene
Use of the vector space model in document retrieval
 Sharma, Abhishek
MS 2010
Advisor: Debra Goldberg
An algebraic approach to the graph isomorphism problem
 Shaw, Jeffrey A.
MS 1991
Advisor: William Wolfe
Solving optimization problems using recurrent neural networks
 Sheehan, Timothy James
MS 1993
Advisor: Oliver McBryan
Porting the NCAR CCM2 from the Cray Y-MP to the Connection Machine
 Shin, Donghun
MS 2009
Advisor: James Martin
Maximum entropy model for Korean word sense disambiguation
 Shinmori, Akihiro
MS 1990
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Example finder: finding and reusing an example for user interface program design
 Siegmann, Heinrich
MS 1976
Advisor: Gary Nutt
Design and simulation of a main memory-control units interface for the multi associative processor system
 Siewert, Samuel Burk
MS 1993
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
A Common Core Language Design for Layered Language Extension
 Skibbe, Robert Eugene
MS 1978
Advisor: Burton Smith
A microcode evaluation methodology
 Skinner, David Michael
MS 1984
Advisor: Michael Lightner
Gate array placement using Schoenberg embedding
 Slifka, Andrew John
MS 1989
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
Parallel solution of large sparse linear systems of equations based on a parallel pivoting technique
 Smith, Gregory Alan
MS 1978
Advisor: Gary Nutt
Input/output as process communication: a method of evaluation
 Smith, Kimbal Stuart
MS 1979
Advisor: Gary Nutt
An interface for interprocess communication and control within the map architecture
 Smith, Robert Arthur
MS 1999
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Analysis and design for a next generation software release management system
 Snead, Raymond Nelson
MS 1981
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
A microcomputer shell
 Snyder, David Cromwell
MS 1971
Advisor: Claude McMillan
The design and implementation of an on-line accounting system for computer facility usage
 Snyder, Margaret Joan Barto
MS 1975
Advisor: John Gary
A preprocessor-implemented top-down programming environment for FORTRAN
 Sonke, Susan Kay Chubb
MS 1985
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
A semantic data language
 Stafford, Judith Alyce
MS 1995
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
Program behavior analysis tools
 Staples, Debra L. C.
MS 1979
Advisor: William Riddle
A study of modularity in program design
 Starkey, Charles David
MS 1982
Advisor: Ken Klingenstein
STAIR, a simple text analyzer with inquiry response
 Stevenson, Wilfred Schuyler
MS 1972
Advisor: William Waite
On the automatic generation of optimal lexical analyzers
 Stolle, Reinhard
MS 1998
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
Declarative meta control for generalized Horn clause logic
 Stordahl, Kari Ann
MS 1980
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Unconstrained minimization using conic models and exact second derivatives
 Streich, Mark Andrew
MS 1990
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Theoretical and practical aspects of compilers for parallel computers
 Stuebe, Thomas Dean
MS 1974
Advisor: William Waite
A specification for an ANSI standard FORTRAN compiler
 Sullivan, Stephen Jan
MS 1993
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
Numerical analysis using non-procedural paradigms
 Summers, Charles Keith
MS 1981
Advisor: H. Paul Zeiger
HUSH: a human user-oriented operating system interface
 Sundaravel, Anu Swapna
MS 2010
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
Improving access to space weather data via workflow and web services
 Supon, Patricia Anne
MS 1994
Advisor: Jody Paul
A computer-based performance assessment system for chemistry, qualitative analysis
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