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MS Theses by Author - M

by Year by Author by Advisor


 Mackey, Scott Russel
MS 2009
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
Restful web service application generation and analysis
 Majidi, Mehran
MS 1991
Advisor: James Martin
Software system understanding through knowledge based system
 Makare, Brian Paul
MS 1989
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Interface design of computer-based augmentative communication aids for the vocally and physically impaired
 Malanowicz, Kenneth R.
MS 1977
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Improving lower bounds for selection problems
 Mandalia, Dipti Ramesh
MS 2004
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
User-centered design of a content analysis tool for domain experts
 Marbach, Jonathan
MS 2003
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Real-time chaotic variation of symbol sequences
 Maull, Keith Eugene
MS 2007
Advisor: Tamara Sumner
A model and architecture for composing digital learning resources: The Teaching Box Project
 Mauro, Thomas Michael
MS 1971
Advisor: Karl Usow
Sharpened analysis of uniform random number generators and the W-test for normality
 Maziar, Stepan
MS 1973
Advisor: Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
GAIN: a game investigation program that solves some variations of Tic-Tac-Toe
 McCabe, Thomas Matthew
MS 1996
Advisor: Andreas Weigend
Measuring predictability using multiresolution embedding
 McCoy, Damon Liwanu
MS 2006
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Anonymity analysis of Freenet
 McEwen, Amber Julia Benson
MS 1972
Advisor: H. Paul Zeiger
An application of singular value decomposition to Ho's algorithm
 McGrath, Janet Korzekwa
MS 1987
Advisor: Michael Main
A parser-instrumentor for Ada programs: a task interface analysis tool
 McMillan, Clayton
MS 1987
Advisor: Paul Smolensky
Rules in connectionist AI systems
 Melnyk, Igor Vol
MS 2009
Advisor: Gregory Grudic
Empirical investigation of models produced by kernel LARS-type and SVM-type algorithms
 Merrill, John Harding
MS 1973
Advisor: Harry Jordan
The design of a hardware-software system for tracking aircraft
 Mertz, James Allan
MS 1978
Advisor: Burton Smith
Series-parallel digital system description language
 Meyer, Cynthia Claire
MS 1972
Advisor: Robert Gammill
An analysis of computer utility feasibility
 Mickus-Miceli, Kristina Diana
MS 1991
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Participatory user interface design for scientific visualization systems
 Miller, Jo Anne Heywood
MS 1976
Advisor: Harry Jordan
An interactive computer graphics system for judgment research
 Mohr, Carl Gerard
MS 1980
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
A proposed algorithm for the real-time interpolation of meteorological radar data in 3-dimensional space
 Montgomery, James Francis
MS 1972
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
Associative memory, the key to an improved SIMSCRIPT
 Moseley, Tipp James
MS 2006
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Adaptive thread scheduling for simultaneous multithreading processors
 Mørch, Anders Irving
MS 1988
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
CRACK: a critiquing approach to cooperative kitchen design
 Motta, David Joseph
MS 2008
Advisor: Tamara Sumner
General eyes: A Web application enabling geographers to visualize differences between multi-scale generalization algorithms
 Mueller, Hans-Peter
MS 1986
Advisor: Michael Lightner
Multi-processor emulation on a local area network
 Muff, Urs Christian
MS 2000
Advisor: Michael Main
Backtracking model languages
 Muncy, David Michael
MS 1991
Advisor: William Wolfe
Implementation of a trihedral constraint algorithm using a neural network
 Murphy, Jess McNeff
MS 2006
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
A multi-dimensional approach to fault protection in deep space software systems
 Murphy, Petrina Brady
MS 1982
Advisor: Richard Sincovec
Modular scheduling: algorithms for constructing timetables and assigning students
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