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MS Theses Advised by Harold (Hal) Gabow

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Johnston, Keith Douglas
MS 1976
The design of the programming language GEFOR
 Malanowicz, Kenneth R.
MS 1977
Improving lower bounds for selection problems
 Saphier, David Jay
MS 1979
The evaluation of expressions with and without common subexpressions
 Ubelmesser, Robert A.
MS 1979
Finding smallest spanning trees with one degree constraint
 Hansen, Tracy Lee
MS 1980
Triconnectivity, triconnected components and separation pairs
 Warmuth, Manfred Klaus
MS 1980
M processor unit-execution-time scheduling reduces to M-1 weakly connected components
 Yuan, John Jung
MS 1980
Two improved methods for assignment problems
 Havens, Barbara Patrice
MS 1983
Experiments on an asymptotically optimum, special purpose set merging algorithm
 Westermann, Herbert Hans
MS 1983
An analysis of the power of chain rules in context-free grammars
 Crocker, Steven Toye
MS 1984
Implementations and timings on three algorithms for the degree constrained subgraph problem
 Bateson, Carol Ann
MS 1985
Performance comparison of two algorithms for weighted bipartite matchings
 Brinkman-Davis, Shane
MS 2001
Improved implementation of the Goemans-Williamson approximate minimum-weight perfect matching algorithm
 Duda, Michael Gregory
MS 2005
On the complexity of a two-activity scheduling problem
 Scheder, Dominik Alban
MS 2005
Approaches to approximating the minimum weight k-edge connected spanning subgraph of a mixed graph
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