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MS Theses by Author - B

by Year by Author by Advisor


 Bagdouri, Mossaab
MS 2011
Advisor: Leysia Palen
Topic modeling as an analysis tool to understand the impact of the Iraq war on the Iraqi blogosphere
 Bailey, Mark Richard
MS 1974
Advisor: William Waite
Graph theory as it relates to block positioning in automated flowcharting
 Baker, Christopher Thomas
MS 2010
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
Modeling open source software communities
 Baldwin, Paul Thomas
MS 1973
Advisor: Robert Schiffman
An experimental computer model to predict the distribution of highway-associated air pollution
 Basava, Shibani Raj
MS 2008
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
Supporting team performance---An empirical study of software teams, processes and tools to enhance software development
 Bates, Adam Roy
MS 2010
Advisor: James Martin
Automated software license and copyright analysis
 Bateson, Carol Ann
MS 1985
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Performance comparison of two algorithms for weighted bipartite matchings
 Batra, Sajeev
MS 1993
Advisor: Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
A new algorithm for protein structure prediction: using neural nets with dynamic programming
 Becker, Dennis Allen
MS 1976
Advisor: Lyle Smith
A study of the portability techniques employed in the ICU/PLANIT system
 Bhatti, Shahzad Hussain
MS 1998
Advisor: Gary Nutt
3-D SBE, an interactive environment for object-oriented design
 Bhushan, Sonal
MS 2004
Advisor: Tamara Sumner
Designing visual components for conceptual browsing interfaces
 Bicknell, Rainie Marie
MS 1984
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
Implementation and evaluation of a user interface for DAVE
 Bigus, Frederick John
MS 1980
Advisor: Ken Klingenstein
A general software design to simulate microprocessors
 Bilbe, Charles Randolph
MS 1981
Advisor: Ken Klingenstein
A method of object code generation from an abstract syntax tree
 Bjorg, Steve Gunnar
MS 2000
Advisor: Michael Main
BML object system
 Bogen, Jeffrey Stuart
MS 1991
Advisor: Jay Rothman
The evaluation and testing of random number generators: UNI, a test case
 Bollacker, Lee Arthur
MS 1979
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
Detecting unexecutable paths through program flow graphs
 Borchert, Thomas Ivan
MS 2007
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Computational correlates of access consciousness
 Borda, Hernando
MS 2000
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
The application of data warehousing access techniques to object databases
 Bottelsen, Robert Arthur
MS 1990
Advisor: William Wolfe
Symbolic knowledge representation with neural networks
 Botway, Lloyd Frederick
MS 1970
Advisor: William Waite
A machine-independent system for the graphical manipulation of flowcharts
 Bouaricha, Ali
MS 1986
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Software package for solving systems of nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems using tensor methods
 Bouguettaya, Athman
MS 1987
Advisor: Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
A comparative study of some clustering methods with on-line data
 Boyle, Valerie J. Yaplee
MS 1985
Advisor: William Murray
Query language for the Profiler data system
 Boyles, Stephanie Ann
MS 2005
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Automatic feature extraction in electron tomography images
 Brady, George Patrick
MS 1992
Advisor: William Wolfe
Neural network parameter analysis
 Bremers, Henry Louis
MS 1991
Advisor: Goetz Graefe
Hash partitioning performance improved by exploiting skew and dealing with duplicates
 Brinkman-Davis, Shane
MS 2001
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Improved implementation of the Goemans-Williamson approximate minimum-weight perfect matching algorithm
 Brissenden, Mark Arik
MS 1987
Advisor: Michael Main
Some properties of the language hierarchy produced by ELC graph grammar restrictions
 Bristow, Guy Neil Rowland
MS 1979
Advisor: William Riddle
The static detection of synchronisation anomalies in HAL/S programs
 Brown, Greg Ichneumon
MS 2011
Advisor: James Martin
Relation extraction on the J.D. Power and Associates sentiment corpus
 Brown, William Arthur
MS 1970
Advisor: Karl Usow
Results of implementing and certifying an algolrithm which minimizes a function of several real variables
 Bruns, Laurence Ray
MS 1979
Advisor: H. Paul Zeiger
The design and implementation of a small design language
 Bryant, Heather Helen
MS 1998
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
A visualization design for linked data structures comprising an object-oriented database system
 Buettner, Michael Phillip
MS 2007
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Experiences with directional antennas
 Bulsis, Russell George
MS 1982
Advisor: Lloyd Fosdick
A comparison of two data flow analysis algorithms
 Busch, Scott Matthew
MS 2009
Advisor: Elizabeth Jessup
Advisor: Jeremy Siek
A general purpose application performance test harness
 Butvidas, Albert Peter
MS 1989
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
PAMM: a parallel memory manager
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