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MS Theses by Year - 1998



 Adachi, Taro
MS 1998
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Utilization of usage data to improve organizational memory
 Bhatti, Shahzad Hussain
MS 1998
Advisor: Gary Nutt
3-D SBE, an interactive environment for object-oriented design
 Bryant, Heather Helen
MS 1998
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
A visualization design for linked data structures comprising an object-oriented database system
 Chen, Qing Kuang
MS 1998
Advisor: Gary Stormo
Characterization of human mRNA codon usage patterns using cluster analysis
 Huh, Stephen Seung
MS 1998
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Getting Myrinet to dance with Digital UNIX
 Olleck, Bernd
MS 1998
Advisor: Satinder Singh
Hierarchically structured reinforcement learning
 Stolle, Reinhard
MS 1998
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
Declarative meta control for generalized Horn clause logic
 Workman, Christopher Thomas
MS 1998
Advisor: Gary Stormo
Discovering transcription factor binding sites with the perceptron
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