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MS Theses by Year - 1990



 Bottelsen, Robert Arthur
MS 1990
Advisor: William Wolfe
Symbolic knowledge representation with neural networks
 Harford, Agnes Gayler
MS 1990
Advisor: Vincent Heuring
A new parsing method for non-LALR(1) grammars
 Jelinek, Gerald Anthony
MS 1990
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
The design and implementation of a coherent distributed shared memory
 Kuehner, Warren Eugene
MS 1990
Advisor: William Wolfe
Using mixed integer programming to solve problems related to planning growth in telecommunications networks
 Lee, Michael John
MS 1990
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
An investigation of cyclic relationships in normalization techniques
 Renninger, Larry Gene
MS 1990
Advisor: William Wolfe
Object identification using neural network techniques
 Schorsch, Thomas Michael
MS 1990
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
Increasing the readability and comprehensibility of programs
 Searight, Keith Ramsey
MS 1990
Advisor: William Wolfe
An expert system approach for seismic data acquisition
 Shinmori, Akihiro
MS 1990
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Example finder: finding and reusing an example for user interface program design
 Streich, Mark Andrew
MS 1990
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Theoretical and practical aspects of compilers for parallel computers
 Weber, Tara Lea
MS 1990
Advisor: Fabio Somenzi
Periodic signal suppression in a concurrent fault simulator
 Wehrend, Stephen Charles
MS 1990
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
A categorization of scientific visualization techniques
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