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Theses Advised by Michael Mozer

by Year by Author by Advisor
 McMillan, Clayton
PhD 1992
Rule induction in a neural network through integrated symbolic and subsymbolic processing
 Lindstaedt, Stefanie Natascha
MS 1993
Comparison of two unsupervised neural network models for redundancy reduction
 Alexander, Jay Alan
MS 1994
Template-based procedures for neural network interpretation
 Allison, John Jay
MS 1994
Explorations of Bayesian input relevance determination in neural networks
 Markey, Kevin Lee
PhD 1994
The sensorimotor foundations of phonology: a computational model of early childhood articulatory and phonetic development
 Das, Sreerupa
PhD 1995
Differentiable symbol manipulation and language induction
 Mathis, Donald Walter
PhD 1998
A computational theory of consciousness in cognition
 Nix, David Allen
PhD 1998
Machine-learning methods for inferring vocal-tract articulation from speech acoustics
 Colagrosso, Michael David
PhD 2003
A rational theory of skilled performance and practice: modeling long-term repetition priming
 Lackey, James Benton
BS 2003
Computational dynamics of a spiking neural network
 Loughry, Bryan James
MS 2003
Learning working memory tasks by reward prediction in the basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex
 Borchert, Thomas Ivan
MS 2007
Computational correlates of access consciousness
 Michaelis, James Roller
BS 2007
Applications of the spacing effect to human learning and memory
 Anderson, Kelsey Craig
BS 2008
A novel approach to Bayesian online changepoint detection
 Wilder, Matthew Harris
MS 2008
A unified theory of exogenous and endogenous attentional control
 Latimer, Kenneth William
BS 2010
A neural network model for object recognition in cluttered scenes using motion and binocular disparity
 Reid, Samuel Robert
PhD 2010
Model combination in multiclass classification
 Link, Benjamin Vincent
MS 2011
Modeling the influence of recent experience of judgements
 Knights, Daniel Brooke
PhD 2012
Predictive modeling of metagenomes
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