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Theses Advised by Leon Osterweil

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Montgomery, James Francis
MS 1972
Associative memory, the key to an improved SIMSCRIPT
 Clarke, Lori A.
PhD 1976
Test data generation and symbolic execution of programs as an aid to program validation
 Bollacker, Lee Arthur
MS 1979
Detecting unexecutable paths through program flow graphs
 Newbury, Kirsten R.
MS 1980
An examination of basic analyses on data base-maintained requirements specifications
 Taylor, Richard Newton
PhD 1980
Static analysis of the synchronization structure of concurrent programs
 Gallucci, Michael Anthony
PhD 1981
SAM/SAL: an experiment using an attributed grammar
 Snead, Raymond Nelson
MS 1981
A microcomputer shell
 Wilson, Cynthia Louise
MS 1981
Data flow anomaly detection in the C programming language
 Kiefhaber, Sarah Hildebrandt
MS 1983
An implementation and evaluation of a screen debugger for Fortran programs
 Bicknell, Rainie Marie
MS 1984
Implementation and evaluation of a user interface for DAVE
 Clemm, Geoffrey Michael
PhD 1986
The Odin system: an object manager for extensible software environments
 Rew, Russell Keith
PhD 1987
The representation of highly parameterized families of software components
 Olender, Kurt Michael
PhD 1988
Cecil/Cesar: specification and static evaluation of sequencing constraints
 Gamalel-Din, Shehab Ahmad
PhD 1989
Meteor: an environment integration formalism for programming software object consistency maintenance
 Sutton, Stanley M.
PhD 1990
APPL/A: a prototype language for software-process programming
 Maybee, Mark John
PhD 1995
Component-object interoperability in a heterogeneous distributed environment
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