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Theses Advised by Kenneth Anderson

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Green, Thomas Charles
PhD 2003
A study of a practical method for software process improvement using a process change management system
 Lepthien, William Van
MS 2003
Simplification of application development through the extension of structural computing techniques
 Palm, Jeffrey deBlanc
MS 2003
On the relationship between object-oriented metrics and software evolution
 Faisal, Maha Husain
PhD 2005
Toward automating the discovery of traceability links
 Sherba, Susanne A.
PhD 2005
Towards automating traceability: an incremental and scalable approach
 Murphy, Jess McNeff
MS 2006
A multi-dimensional approach to fault protection in deep space software systems
 Knoll, Gary Joseph
MS 2007
Investigating the impact of Web 2.0 techniques on integrating open hypermedia services into the World Wide Web
 Basava, Shibani Raj
MS 2008
Supporting team performance---An empirical study of software teams, processes and tools to enhance software development
 Christofferson, Ransom David
BS 2009
Digital drum tutor
 Lindell, Anthony Jay
MS 2009
Ambient environments and agile software development metrics
 Mackey, Scott Russel
MS 2009
Restful web service application generation and analysis
 Baker, Christopher Thomas
MS 2010
Modeling open source software communities
 Lepthien, William Van
PhD 2010
Dynamic behavior management in an entity-oriented software environment
 Novinger, Matthew Thomas
MS 2010
COSE: Crisis Oriented Search Engine
 Stimpfling, Robert Derek
BS 2010
An evaluation of Go and Clojure
 Sundaravel, Anu Swapna
MS 2010
Improving access to space weather data via workflow and web services
 Taggart, Jeffrey Eric
BS 2011
A web-based visualization framework in support of crisis informatics research
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