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 Hagen, Andreas
PhD 2006
Advisor: Bryan Pellom
Advances in children's speech recognition with application to interactive literacy tutors
 Hair, Dwight Charles
PhD 1991
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
LEGALESE: a legal argumentation tool
 Hall, Cyrus Parker
MS 2004
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
A conent-based networking protocol for sensor networks
 Hall, Mark Lee
PhD 1987
Advisor: William Waite
The optimization of automatically generated compilers
 Hall, Richard Scott
PhD 1999
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Agent-based software configuration and deployment
 Halladay, Dennis Allen
MS 1981
Advisor: Harry Jordan
Modeling interactions of separately synchronous circuits
 Hamady, Micah Laird
MS 2004
Advisor: Richard Osborne
Applications of relational databases and data warehousing to discovering patterns in genomic and proteomic data sets
 Hamady, Micah Laird
PhD 2009
Advisor: Rob Knight
Advisor: Henry Tufo
Exploring microbial sequence and community diversity on an unprecedented scale
 Hampton, Jeffery Wade
MS 1993
Advisor: James Martin
Question answering in library information systems
 Hancock, Janell Kay
MS 1985
Advisor: William Waite
Experience using a retargetable peephole optimizer to achieve compiler portability
 Hansen, Tracy Lee
MS 1980
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Triconnectivity, triconnected components and separation pairs
 Hardy, Darren Roy
MS 1993
Advisor: Michael Schwartz
Scalable Internet resource discovery among diverse information
 Harford, Agnes Gayler
MS 1990
Advisor: Vincent Heuring
A new parsing method for non-LALR(1) grammars
 Harstad, Benedikte
MS 1993
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
New approaches for critiquing systems: pluralistic critiquing, consistency critiquing, and multiple intervention strategies
 Hart, Charles Wendell
MS 1974
Advisor: H. Paul Zeiger
Introduction to LR(k) grammars
 Hartung, Carl Stephen
MS 2006
Advisor: Richard Han
Design and implementation of a wireless sensor network for weather monitoring in wildland fire environments
 Hashemi, Mazdak
PhD 2007
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
The analytical mediator for multi-dimensional data
 Hastings, Jordan Towner
MS 1974
Advisor: Peter Poole
Design and implementation of a portable, interpretive program control language
 Haussler, David Henry
PhD 1982
Advisor: Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
Insertion and iterated insertion as operations on formal languages
 Hauswirth, Matthias Martin
PhD 2005
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Understanding program performance using temporal vertical profiles
 Havens, Barbara Patrice
MS 1983
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Experiments on an asymptotically optimum, special purpose set merging algorithm
 Hendrix, Susan Lee
PhD 2008
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Popup Workshop: Computationally enhanced paper engineering for children
 Henkel, Johannes
PhD 2004
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Discovering and debugging algebraic specifications for Java classes
 Henninger, Scott Robert
PhD 1993
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Locating relevant examples for example-based software design
 Hill, Gregory Bruce
MS 1993
Advisor: Elizabeth Jessup
Computing orthogonal matrices
 Hinds, Arianne Therese
PhD 2007
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Methodology for the design of linear algorithms for signal processing applications
 Hirzel, Martin Johannes
MS 2000
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Effectiveness of garbage collection and explicit deallocation
 Hirzel, Martin Johannes
PhD 2004
Advisor: Amer Diwan
Connectivity-based garbage collection
 Hoenigman, Rhonda Olcott
PhD 2012
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Optimizing implicit plant interactions to conserve water on residential landscapes
 Hoffmann, Jochen
MS 1986
Advisor: Michael Main
Some results on NLC grammars with one-letter terminal alphabets
 Hofmann, Reinhold
MS 1976
Advisor: Claude McMillan
A hierarchical data structure for the inverted file system EXIR
 Hollis, Michael William
MS 1997
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Adding licensing and access control to an Internet accessible software release management tool
 Holzer, Charles Bernard
MS 1971
Advisor: Harry Jordan
A time sharing, paper tape editor for the Data General Nova
 Horowitz, Bernard
MS 1971
Advisor: Daniel Bailey
A processor-independent, file-driven computer-assisted instruction system
 Huang, Jun
MS 1996
Advisor: Clarence (Skip) Ellis
SMART system: a case study of workflow system modeling
 Huang, Jyh-How
PhD 2008
Advisor: Shivakant Mishra
Occasionally connected wireless sensor networks for search and rescue and wildlife monitoring
 Hudson, Scott Everett
PhD 1986
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
A user interface management system which supports direct manipulation
 Huh, Stephen Seung
MS 1998
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Getting Myrinet to dance with Digital UNIX
 Humphries, Thorna Olivia
PhD 2000
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Advisor: Benjamin Zorn
An infrastructure to generate experimental workloads for persistent object system performance evaluation
 Hurst, Jonathan George
MS 2010
Advisor: Henry Tufo
Parallelizing a data intensive Lagrangian stochastic particle model using graphics processing units
 Hurst, Susan Fisher
MS 1989
Advisor: William Wolfe
Object identification using schema
 Hustvedt, Anders Olaf
BS 2006
Advisor: Richard Han
A distributed sensor network management system
 Hübscher, Roland
PhD 1995
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Visual programming with temporal constraints in a subsumption-like architecture
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