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Theses Advised by Gary Nutt

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Osterweil, Janis Putman
MS 1975
A deadlock model based on process-resource actions
 Siegmann, Heinrich
MS 1976
Design and simulation of a main memory-control units interface for the multi associative processor system
 Krivacic, Robert Thomas
MS 1978
The refinement and implementation of a simulation system
 Sanders, Bruce Wayne
MS 1978
The design and simulation of a bit slice implementation for MAP
 Smith, Gregory Alan
MS 1978
Input/output as process communication: a method of evaluation
 Smith, Kimbal Stuart
MS 1979
An interface for interprocess communication and control within the map architecture
 Demeure, Isabelle Marie
PhD 1989
A graph model, ParaDiGM, and a software tool, VISA, for the representation, design, and simulation of parallel, distributed computations
 Beguelin, Adam Louis
PhD 1990
Deterministic parallel programming in Phred
 Anderson, William David
MS 1994
An empirical study of optimizations on the CM-5
 Eckert, Zulah Karen Fields
PhD 1995
Trace extrapolation for parallel programs on shared memory multiprocessors
 McWhirter, Jeffrey Donald
PhD 1995
Characterization, specification and generation of visual language applications
 Bhatti, Shahzad Hussain
MS 1998
3-D SBE, an interactive environment for object-oriented design
 Blumenthal, Richard Louis
PhD 1998
Supporting unstructured activities with a meta-contextual protocol in situation-based workflow
 Brandt, Scott Alan
PhD 1999
Soft real-time processing with dynamic QOS level resource management
 Garnett, James Grosvenor
MS 1999
Distributed phase and frequency synchronization
 Griepentrog, Paul Fredric
MS 1999
End-to-end service mediation in the Dynamic QoS Manager
 Griff, Adam Jonathan
PhD 2000
Gryphon: A dynamically tailorable mechanism for customizing location and coaching policies in distributed object subsystem
 Siewert, Samuel Burk
PhD 2000
A real-time execution performance agent interface for confidence-based scheduling
 Steinke, Robert Christian
PhD 2001
Consistency model transitions in shared memory
 Lin, Wang-Ting
PhD 2009
Robust QoS scheduler in the open real-time systems
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