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 Calder, Bradley Gene
PhD 1995
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Hardware and software mechanisms for instruction fetch prediction
 Campbell, Gary Duncan
MS 1972
Advisor: Daniel Bailey
An investigation of Markovian state change languages
 Cantarero, Alejandro Luis
BS 2005
Advisor: Henry Tufo
Automatically extracting cellular structures from images generated via electron microscopy
 Carlson, James Arthur
PhD 2010
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Surface wrapping: A deformable mesh approach to semi-automatic 3D volume segmentation
 Carlson, Thomas Bruce
MS 1984
Advisor: Hans Gethoffer
Computer tools in the learning and teaching environment
 Carmien, Stefan Parry
PhD 2006
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Socio-technical environments supporting distributed cognition for persons with cognitive disabilities
 Carter, Gemetri Evette
MS 1991
Advisor: William Wolfe
A novice approach to developing a night driving expert control system
 Carter, Lynn Robert
PhD 1980
Advisor: William Waite
An analysis of Pascal programs and several basic block optimizations
 Catalucci, Brian Anthony
MS 1993
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
Implementation of fine grain parallelism of the Force on the KSR1
 Cer, Daniel Matthew
PhD 2011
Advisor: James Martin
Parameterizing phrase based statistical machine translation models: an analytic study
 Chang, Edward Hok-Lin
MS 1992
Advisor: William Wolfe
Neural network approach to resource-constrained scheduling
 Chang, Ming Yang
MS 1984
Advisor: Hans Gethoffer
An experimental functional programming system
 Chen, Qing Kuang
MS 1998
Advisor: Gary Stormo
Characterization of human mRNA codon usage patterns using cluster analysis
 Chen, Theodore Yining
MS 1999
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
HyperSpider: integrating computation with the design and construction of educational crafts
 Chen, Ying
PhD 2008
Advisor: James Martin
Robust unsupervised named-entity disambiguation
 Cherry, Gina
PhD 2003
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Effects of modeling software on fifth grade students' construction of computer-based models: a classroom study comparing two software designs
 Cho, Kathleen Mary
MS 1989
Advisor: William Wolfe
An expert system for diagnosing acute abdominal pain
 Chow, Tatung
PhD 1989
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Derivative and secant tensor methods for unconstrained optimization
 Christofferson, Ransom David
BS 2009
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
Digital drum tutor
 Clarke, Lori A.
PhD 1976
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
Test data generation and symbolic execution of programs as an aid to program validation
 Clemm, Geoffrey Michael
PhD 1986
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
The Odin system: an object manager for extensible software environments
 Clinkenbeard, Dennis J.
MS 1982
Advisor: Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
A quite general text analysis method
 Coccaro, Noah Bart
PhD 2005
Advisor: Daniel Jurafsky
Advisor: James Martin
Latent semantic analysis as a tool to improve automatic speech recognition performance
 Cochran, Martin James
MS 2005
Advisor: John Black
An analysis of message authentication codes with respect to reforgeability and beating the birthday bound
 Cochran, Martin James
PhD 2008
Advisor: John Black
Cryptographic hash functions
 Colagrosso, Michael David
PhD 2003
Advisor: Michael Mozer
A rational theory of skilled performance and practice: modeling long-term repetition priming
 Cole, Richard Lee
PhD 1999
Advisor: Goetz Graefe
Optimizing dynamic query evaluation plans
 Colgan, Matthew
BS 2004
Advisor: Daniel Connors
Device drivers for space-qualified flash devices
 Comeau, Debra Sue
MS 1989
Advisor: William Wolfe
Using artificial intelligence to analyze handwriting
 Commisso, Susanne
MS 1997
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Extracurricular science education through the use of off-the- shelf science kits
 Cook, Jeanine Marie
MS 1996
Advisor: James Martin
Augmentative and alternative communication: solutions to the rate enhancement problem
 Cook, Jonathan Edwin
PhD 1996
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Process discovery and validation through event-data analysis
 Cooksey, Robert Neale
PhD 2002
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Content-sensitive data prefetching
 Coon, William George
MS 2011
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Location-aware RFID mobile device system for museum applications
 Cope, Jason Micah
PhD 2009
Advisor: Henry Tufo
Data management for urgent computing environments
 Corliss, Christopher Ray
MS 2002
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Using the structure of XML to generate notifications and subscriptions in SIENA
 Cotter, Andrew Steere
MS 2005
Advisor: Gregory Grudic
Regression on datasets containing missing elements
 Cottrell, Jennie L. S.
MS 1979
Advisor: H. Paul Zeiger
The redesign and development of an automatic grader system
 Cowley, Keith Lee
MS 1986
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
DISEM: a distributed semantic database management system
 Craig, Braden Scott
MS 1997
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
AGES: agentsheets genetic evolutionary simulations
 Crawl, Lester Daniel
PhD 2006
Advisor: John Bennett
Affinity-directed mobility
 Crivelli, Silvia Noemi
PhD 1995
Advisor: Elizabeth Jessup
A programming paradigm and library for distributed-memory computers
 Crocker, Steven Toye
MS 1984
Advisor: Harold (Hal) Gabow
Implementations and timings on three algorithms for the degree constrained subgraph problem
 Crumly, Daniel Lee
PhD 2010
Advisor: Richard Byrd
On the reliability of Newton's method in the presence of singularity
 Culbreth, Matthew Kohler
BS 2005
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Vortex identification in experimental velocity fields
 Custard, Myra Ann
MS 2005
Advisor: Tamara Sumner
Computing quality of web content for educational digital libraries
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