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Theses Advised by Robert (Bobby) Schnabel

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Mohr, Carl Gerard
MS 1980
A proposed algorithm for the real-time interpolation of meteorological radar data in 3-dimensional space
 Stordahl, Kari Ann
MS 1980
Unconstrained minimization using conic models and exact second derivatives
 Weiss, Barry Edward
MS 1980
A modular software package for solving unconstrained non-linear optimization problems
 Frank, Paul David
MS 1982
A second-order local model for solution of systems of nonlinear equations
 Frank, Paul David
PhD 1984
Tensor methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations
 Donaldson, Janet Rogers
MS 1985
Computational experience with confidence regions and confidence intervals for nonlinear least squares
 Zhang, Xiaodong
MS 1985
An approach to a portable data compression system
 Bouaricha, Ali
MS 1986
Software package for solving systems of nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems using tensor methods
 Rosing, Matthew
MS 1988
Dino: a language for writing numerical applications on distributed memory multiprocessors
 Chow, Tatung
PhD 1989
Derivative and secant tensor methods for unconstrained optimization
 Zhang, Xiaodong
PhD 1989
Parallel computation for the solution of block bordered nonlinear equations and their applications
 Rosing, Matthew
PhD 1991
Efficient language constructs for complex data parallelism on distributed memory multiprocessors
 Smith, Sharon L.
PhD 1991
Adaptive asynchronous parallel algorithms in distributed computation
 Bouaricha, Ali
PhD 1992
Solving large sparse systems of nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems using tensor methods on sequential and parallel computers
 Weaver, Robert Paul
PhD 1992
Supporting dynamic data structures at the language level on distributed memory machines
 Feng, Dan
PhD 1993
Tensor methods for constrained optimization
 Neves, Richard Kent
PhD 1995
Threaded runtime support for the execution of fine grain code on coarse grain multiprocessors
 Shao, Chung-Shang
PhD 1999
Task migration for parallel scientific computations in the heterogeneous network of workstations environment
 Bader, Brett William
PhD 2003
Tensor-Krylov methods for solving large-scale systems of nonlinear equations
 Hinds, Arianne Therese
PhD 2007
Methodology for the design of linear algorithms for signal processing applications
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