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Theses Advised by Andrzej Ehrenfeucht

by Year by Author by Advisor
 Maziar, Stepan
MS 1973
GAIN: a game investigation program that solves some variations of Tic-Tac-Toe
 Perry, Richard Michael
MS 1979
Program optimization as a limiting process
 Bankes, Steven Carl
PhD 1980
A novel design for a natural language text processor
 Myers, Eugene Wimberly
PhD 1981
A depth-first search characterization of K-connectivity and its application to connectivity testing
 Clinkenbeard, Dennis J.
MS 1982
A quite general text analysis method
 Haussler, David Henry
PhD 1982
Insertion and iterated insertion as operations on formal languages
 Perry, Richard Michael
PhD 1984
Toward self-optimization of machine intelligence
 Walker, Gary Dell
MS 1984
Qubist: a search for a first-player winning strategy in the game of Qubic
 Ahmadieh, Afshene Timothy
MS 1987
An 0(n) algorithm for the equivalencing procedure of discourse analysis
 Bouguettaya, Athman
MS 1987
A comparative study of some clustering methods with on-line data
 McCreary, Carolyn L.
PhD 1987
An algorithm for parsing a graph grammar
 Vellandi, Henry Peter
PhD 1990
Asymmetric numerically stratified cluster methods
 Batra, Sajeev
MS 1993
A new algorithm for protein structure prediction: using neural nets with dynamic programming
 McConnell, Ross Malcolm
PhD 1994
Modular decomposition of graphs and two-structures
 Eisenberg, Ann Naomi
PhD 1999
An educational program for paper sculpture: a case study in the design of software to enhance children's spatial cognition
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