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Theses by Year - 2011



 Bagdouri, Mossaab
MS 2011
Advisor: Leysia Palen
Topic modeling as an analysis tool to understand the impact of the Iraq war on the Iraqi blogosphere
 Bauer, Kevin Scott
PhD 2011
Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Improving security and performance in low latency anonymous networks
 Beach, Aaron Joseph
PhD 2011
Advisor: Richard Han
Anonymity in socio-digital systems
 Bong, Chih How
PhD 2011
Advisor: James Martin
Advisor: Kai Larsen
Exploring the semantic meaning of constructs that lead to human decisions
 Brooks, Brian
BS 2011
Advisor: Jeremy Siek
Typed stack allocation
 Brown, Greg Ichneumon
MS 2011
Advisor: James Martin
Relation extraction on the J.D. Power and Associates sentiment corpus
 Cer, Daniel Matthew
PhD 2011
Advisor: James Martin
Parameterizing phrase based statistical machine translation models: an analytic study
 Coon, William George
MS 2011
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Location-aware RFID mobile device system for museum applications
 Fifield, Jeffrey Matthew
PhD 2011
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Generating, optimizing, and scheduling a compiler level representation of stream parallelism
 Gooyabadi, Maryam
BS 2011
Advisor: Katie Siek
Considerations for transparent donation systems: proposing a new donation system for Indian orphanages
 Jeter, Lukas
MS 2011
Advisor: Shivakant Mishra
Review of the usage of security mechanisms within the Android operating system
 Karlin, Ian
PhD 2011
Advisor: Elizabeth Jessup
Runtime prediction of fused linear algebra in a compiler framework
 Khalsa, Karamjeet Singh
BS 2011
Advisor: Nikolaus Correll
Realistic simulation of spatial computers and robot swarms
 Link, Benjamin Vincent
MS 2011
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Modeling the influence of recent experience of judgements
 Ogren, Philip Victor
PhD 2011
Advisor: Lawrence Hunter
Coordination resolution in biomedical texts
 Otte, Michael Wilson
PhD 2011
Advisor: Nikolaus Correll
Any-Com multi-robot path planning
 Silkensen, Erik Joseph
BS 2011
Advisor: Jeremy Siek
Extensible syntax
 Tafoya, Carlos Jerome
MS 2011
Advisor: John Black
Visual assembly and analysis of cryptographic ciphers
 Taggart, Jeffrey Eric
BS 2011
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
A web-based visualization framework in support of crisis informatics research
 Vimont, Aaron John
BS 2011
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
Scientific data management in a web 2.0 environment
 Witherspoon, David Bruce
MS 2011
Advisor: Roger (Buzz) King
Semi-automatic discovery of meaningful ontology from a relational database
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