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Theses by Year - 2003



 Arshad, Naveed
MS 2003
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Dynamic reconfiguration of software systems using temporal planning
 Bader, Brett William
PhD 2003
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Tensor-Krylov methods for solving large-scale systems of nonlinear equations
 Barthelmess, Paulo
PhD 2003
Advisor: Clarence (Skip) Ellis
ThreadMill: a highly configurable architecture for human communication analysis applications
 Cherry, Gina
PhD 2003
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Effects of modeling software on fifth grade students' construction of computer-based models: a classroom study comparing two software designs
 Colagrosso, Michael David
PhD 2003
Advisor: Michael Mozer
A rational theory of skilled performance and practice: modeling long-term repetition priming
 Green, Thomas Charles
PhD 2003
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
A study of a practical method for software process improvement using a process change management system
 Gruchalla, Kenny Michael
MS 2003
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Immersive well path planning: the added value of interactive immersive visualization
 Jain, Ashish
MS 2003
Advisor: Dirk Grunwald
Benefits of packet aggregation in ad-hoc wireless network
 Kurgan, Lukasz Andrzej
PhD 2003
Advisor: Krzysztof Cios
Meta mining system for supervised learning
 Lackey, James Benton
BS 2003
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Computational dynamics of a spiking neural network
 Lepthien, William Van
MS 2003
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
Simplification of application development through the extension of structural computing techniques
 Loughry, Bryan James
MS 2003
Advisor: Michael Mozer
Learning working memory tasks by reward prediction in the basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex
 Marbach, Jonathan
MS 2003
Advisor: Elizabeth Bradley
Real-time chaotic variation of symbol sequences
 Palm, Jeffrey deBlanc
MS 2003
Advisor: Kenneth Anderson
On the relationship between object-oriented metrics and software evolution
 Pell, Edward William Jeffcott
BS 2003
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
3D printable fractals
 Rose, Jeffrey Neal
BS 2003
Advisor: Richard Han
Developing a complete system architecture for sensor networking
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