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Theses by Year - 1996



 Bonnlander, Brian Vandoren
PhD 1996
Advisor: Andreas Weigend
Nonparametric selection of input variables for connectionist learning
 Cook, Jeanine Marie
MS 1996
Advisor: James Martin
Augmentative and alternative communication: solutions to the rate enhancement problem
 Cook, Jonathan Edwin
PhD 1996
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Process discovery and validation through event-data analysis
 DiGiano, Christopher John
PhD 1996
Advisor: Michael Eisenberg
Self-disclosing design tools: an incremental approach toward end-user programming
 Doppke, John Clark
MS 1996
Advisor: Alexander Wolf
Software process modeling and execution within virtual environments
 Griepentrog, Karl Alexander
MS 1996
Advisor: Wayne Citrin
Designing cut and paste in a visual environment
 Gurka, Judith Susan
PhD 1996
Advisor: Wayne Citrin
Pedagogic aspects of algorithm animation
 Huang, Jun
MS 1996
Advisor: Clarence (Skip) Ellis
SMART system: a case study of workflow system modeling
 Kang, Jaewoo
MS 1996
Advisor: Andreas Weigend
A neural network approach to maximizing risk-adjusted return in financial time series
 Lu, Xuehua
PhD 1996
Advisor: Richard Byrd
A study of the limited memory SR1 method in practice
 McCabe, Thomas Matthew
MS 1996
Advisor: Andreas Weigend
Measuring predictability using multiresolution embedding
 Ostwald, Jonathan L.
PhD 1996
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Knowledge construction in software development: the evolving artifact approach
 Rausch, Martin Frank
MS 1996
Advisor: Alexander Repenning
The agent repository: supporting collaborative contextualized learning with a medium for indirect communication
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