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Theses by Year - 1989



 Butvidas, Albert Peter
MS 1989
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
PAMM: a parallel memory manager
 Cho, Kathleen Mary
MS 1989
Advisor: William Wolfe
An expert system for diagnosing acute abdominal pain
 Chow, Tatung
PhD 1989
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Derivative and secant tensor methods for unconstrained optimization
 Comeau, Debra Sue
MS 1989
Advisor: William Wolfe
Using artificial intelligence to analyze handwriting
 Demeure, Isabelle Marie
PhD 1989
Advisor: Gary Nutt
A graph model, ParaDiGM, and a software tool, VISA, for the representation, design, and simulation of parallel, distributed computations
 Fozzard, Richard Lane
MS 1989
Advisor: Gary Bradshaw
Theonet: a connectionist expert system for solar flare forecasting
 Gamalel-Din, Shehab Ahmad
PhD 1989
Advisor: Leon Osterweil
Meteor: an environment integration formalism for programming software object consistency maintenance
 Gray, Robert William
PhD 1989
Advisor: William Waite
Declarative specifications for automatically constructed compilers
 Hurst, Susan Fisher
MS 1989
Advisor: William Wolfe
Object identification using schema
 Lemke, Andreas Christian
PhD 1989
Advisor: Gerhard Fischer
Design environments for high-functionality computer systems
 Makare, Brian Paul
MS 1989
Advisor: Clayton Lewis
Interface design of computer-based augmentative communication aids for the vocally and physically impaired
 Omojokun, Emmanuel O.
PhD 1989
Advisor: Richard Byrd
Trust region algorithms for optimization with nonlinear equality and inequality restraints
 Slifka, Andrew John
MS 1989
Advisor: Gita Alaghband
Parallel solution of large sparse linear systems of equations based on a parallel pivoting technique
 Zhang, Xiaodong
PhD 1989
Advisor: Robert (Bobby) Schnabel
Parallel computation for the solution of block bordered nonlinear equations and their applications
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