Notes from Bruce

CU Computer Science graduates are distributed across many different companies -- from very large corporations to tiny startups. While the leading employers of CU Computer Science graduates continue to be Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Quark, our graduates also have a considerable presence at Lucent Technologies, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Nortel, VR-1, Sun Microsystems, Qualcomm, Motorola, and US WEST.

As you might expect, a number of CU grads have decided to work for themselves. Of course, some of these are independent consultants, but some of our graduates have started companies of their own. Some of these companies and their CU founders (along with their senior project class), are mentioned below. I've also included a few words about the company from the founders or from the company web site. Check out the web sites to see the interesting things these companies are up to.

Anthony Andersen (87-88)
Ant Software
Denver, CO
Ant Software is a small, privately held, Denver based company founded in 1989. We specialize in development of entertainment software. Our first product was a shareware game called Paigow Poker in 1989. After this, we made an extended foray into screen saver development beginning with the shareware Deskpic for OS/2 1.x and Screen Peace for Windows and continuing through thirteen separate releases of various versions of Intermissiontm. Recently we've focused mainly on games - especially Internet and AOL based games such as Masque Casino Pokertm, Masque Classic Card Games and Discovery Channel Multimedia's CatchWordtm.

Ant Software has extensive experience in software development for Microsoft® Windowstm 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows CE, and Macintosh® as well as the ARIES® system from ARIES Online Games (Kesmai Corporation). We are often available for contracted development projects.

Brian Bucknam (87-88) and Ralph Risch (87-88)
Denver, CO
Astrobyte, a privately held company, was founded in early 1994 by four CU graduates, three of them from Bruce Sanders' 87/88 Senior Project class. Originally focused on the entertainment software industry, the company's products eventually returned it to the publishing industry. While all the partners were veterans of desktop publishing software, one of the four partners moved on to remain in the entertainment arena.

A major turning point for Astrobyte was its very successful BeyondPress product, a leading-edge publishing tool for traditional and new media publishers. BeyondPress provides conversion of QuarkXPress documents to HTML text and Web image formats. Now in its third major revision, BeyondPress bridges the gap between print publishers and the Web.

While these three entrepreneurs now find themselves dealing with production, support, and distribution issues for much of their day, their engineering talents are still evident in the technology of their products. Current and future directions include internet authoring and site management, conversion of print content to HTML, and automated publishing of cross-media content.

Bill Wegerson (87-88)
BTB Solutions
Greenwood Village, CO
BTB Solutions was founded by three friends who each have different areas of expertise when it comes to programming. Those areas go from application programming on 95/NT to back office/Internet programming to finally database knowledge. Bill, Todd and Bruce felt the motto of 'Back To Basics' was a good rule to go by and quickly choose that as their name. It's just happen-stance that each of their initials can be found in the acronym BTB. The partners, originally founding the company in December of 1996, created it to produce a specialized software package for the touring business. It is now doing small application development on Windows 95/NT and internet. The company also chameleons itself into a software consulting company by leveraging the experience of the three owners/programmers.

Alex Groenevelt (90-91)
Broomfield, CO
CUESoft, founded in 1994, is a small products and services consulting company specializing in innovative solutions for multi-media training and data retrieval. Our most popular product, Vasari, has been used to create dozens of private and commercial computer-based training CD-ROM titles. Recently, two of these titles were featured in PC Magazine's Top 100 CD-ROMs of 1997. In the fourth quarter of 1997, CUESoft will be announcing the release of Flexabase, an advanced data retrieval system used to perform hybrid searches across local and Internet/Intranet databases.

Once a participant in the CU Senior Class Project, Alex (CUESoft) has since sponsored two projects. "The senior projects enable CUESoft to experiment with new ideas while, at the same time, exposing students to new technologies."

Allan Leinwand (87-88)
Digital Island
Honolulu, HI
Digital Island provides the first reliable network solution for global internet applications. While other networks simply provide access to the internet, Digital Island deploys internet applications. Our network was specifically designed to provide corporations with the performance, security, and reliability necessary to deploy business-critical applications -- at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

Reliance on the internet for the deployment of business-critical applications requires direct connectivity, 100% reliability and access to scalable bandwidth. High-speed connections simply aren't enough to deploy Electronic Commerce, Distance Learning or other applications on the public internet. You must also be able to manage the content reliably and securely, interface with industry standard applications, and have assured performance guarantees.

The Digital Island applications network provides ubiquitous access to centralized servers via single-hop connections to countries around the world. The result is the lowest available cost per transaction for reliable Internet commerce. Through our unique network infrastructure, integrated applications, and performance level guarantees, we offer our customers a true competitive advantage.

Keith Grandin (91-92)
Intrigue Software, Inc.
Ft. Worth, TX
Intrigue Software Inc. was started in 1996 by Keith Grandin and Mark Beckwith. Currently, Intrigue Software is doing contracting with two areas of software expertise: Internet and wireless devices. Currently, Intrigue is working on embedded software for wireless paging devices for Motorola. During the past year, Intrigue has done work on wireless paging devices and a secure Internet document distribution system. The short term goal of the company is to obtain contracts and raise capital. The longer term goal is to develop, market, and sell software

Trent Hein (90-91) and Herb Morreale (90-91)
XOR Network Engineering
Boulder, CO
At XOR, everything we do is grounded in using network technology intelligently to deliver exemplary network solutions. Whether providing a network redesign, a cutting-edge Internet or intranet site, or the right selection of networking products, we apply this approach to all our services. Main areas of expertise are

Network & System Consulting -- XOR's Network & System Consulting group provides the expertise needed for long-term network success. This includes network strategy, UNIX consulting, network security, WAN implementation or day-to-day system administration. Our Chief Network Architect is CCIE certified and a co-author of the best-selling "UNIX System Administration Handbook."

Networking Products -- XOR draws from its years of data networking experience to select top of the line networking products that offer our customers the best quality, performance and value. XOR's Networking Products Group delivers more than just routers, bridges, racks and modems. We deliver networking solutions, not only recommending the right network hardware to meet your specific needs, but handling the installation and operation of the equipment as well.

Internet Technologies -- Web sites we're involved with go far beyond the bounds of a typical "online brochure." We specialize in building serious, high-traffic Web sites from the ground up by starting with the fundamentals: dependable, responsive hosting, seamless legacy integration, dynamic database solutions and secure real-time online commerce. Then we layer on structure, navigation, interface, design and Web promotion to deliver a Web or intranet solution that can be easily refreshed and enhanced over the long term.

Technical Training -- XOR offers technical training courses developed and taught by the experts who have written the textbooks and have years of experience in real-world networking. Topics covered include programming (PERL, CGI, WWW, JavaScript), system administration (Web servers, Solaris, UNIX), CISCO routers and a general introduction to the global Internet. In addition, we offer technical training courses to "close the loop" of larger network and Internet solutions provided by XOR's other business groups, sending clients home not just with solutions but the UNIX, PERL, CGI and other expertise required to maintain those solutions in-house.

Bruce W. Sanders