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Call for PhD Applicants


November 2010

The Department is seeking PhD applicants who like to work hard, play hard here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The department has multiple research labs that are always looking for motivated students. Here we briefly highlight some of the numerous PhD applicant positions currently available at CU-Boulder Computer Science.

Computer Systems
(multiple positions)
Call for PhD Applicants

Multiple research assistantships are available in the area of computer systems, including distributed and network computing, computer architecture and compilation for novel architectures, software radio, network and system security as well as privacy and other topics in Internet systems. Computer systems research focuses on all aspects of building innovative computer systems, spanning from traditional computing tasks to mobile systems, wireless and sensor networks, large scale data systems and Internet systems.

Cyber-Physical Systems

The study of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) focuses on the combination of computing devices Interacting with a continuous physical environment. CPS represents a promising area for the future of computer science as a whole and has numerous exciting opportunities for inter-disciplinary research. We have several openings for new and exciting topics including monitoring and verification of smart-grid power systems, human-factors for CPS and networked CPS.

Health Informatics
(2 positions)

We are looking for PhD applicants who are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration with health and social science researchers. Students should be interested in understanding user needs, designing prototypes, and programming high fidelity prototypes in the context of health to evaluate in the field. We use community-based participatory design principles, thus students will be expected to volunteer in the communities where we do research and be willing to collaborate with community members in the design process. Positions have the possibility for 2+ years of graduate funding -- some positions have citizenship requirements.

Programming Languages and Program Analysis
(multiple positions)

We are looking for a strong set of students to join our diverse and dynamic group in programming languages. Our group has active projects in areas such as static and dynamic program analysis; verification, debugging, and programmer productivity tools; language-based security; type systems; language design; performance analysis of large-scale systems; analysis of hybrid and embedded systems. We have a track record of publishing in top venues, such as POPL and PLDI.


We look for students with an interest in large-scale distributed algorithms to develop novel kinds of intelligent materials with an interdisciplinary team of chemists, mechanical and electrical engineers to create the next generation of intelligent robotic devices.

The PhD Application Deadline is January 2, 2011. See Graduate Admissions Information for more on how to apply. The first 65 students who apply and mention this recruitment ad are eligible for an application fee waiver.

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