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Nominations Solicited for 2007 Fosdick Award


April 2007

Nominations are now being solicited for the 2007 Lloyd Fosdick Award in Computer Science. This award, instituted in 2004-2005, is an annual award honoring group project work by computer science undergraduates. The original goal in initiating this award was to take note of exemplary collaborative projects that include Computer Science undergraduates as participants.

What projects are eligible for the award?

Any project from a 2006-2007 academic year CSCI class that includes computer science undergraduates can be nominated for the Fosdick Award. Project groups that include students outside of computer science may be nominated; two-person teams may be nominated; and groups that include graduate students may be nominated. However, a mild preference will be shown toward groups of three or more, and groups that are composed entirely of Computer Science undergraduates. "Independent" projects outside of the class structure may also be considered (if nominated by a faculty member), but again a preference will be shown for those done in a CSCI class.

Who can send in a nomination?

Any faculty member in the Computer Science Department can send in a nomination for a project undertaken in one of their classes during the current academic year. Faculty members may nominate more than one group for the award, but the expectation is that smaller courses will produce one nomination and larger courses no more than two or three.

What is the format for a nomination?

Faculty members wishing to nominate a project group for the Fosdick Award should send in a nomination letter of approximately two pages in length. The letter should describe the nominated project and its technical merit, and should address the way in which this project exemplified high-quality collaborative work. Nominations should be sent via email to Professors Michael Eisenberg, Michael Main and Bruce Sanders no later than April 29, 2007. The undergraduate committee will announce the award-winning project during the week of April 30. Each undergraduate student in the award-winning group will also receive $50.

As professor emeritus and founding chair of the Computer Science Department, Fosdick had a formative and continuing influence on program development in the field. He led the development of the department's doctoral program in computer science, served as principal investigator on the department's first large infrastructure and research grants, and brought in many top quality faculty who remain in the department today. His personal integrity and attention to the value of teaching excellence also set the tone for the department. In addition, he is responsible for bringing the department into the College of Engineering and Applied Science from its former home in the College of Arts and Sciences. In 2002, Fosdick was named the first Computer Science recipient of the College's Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award.

See 2005 Lloyd Fosdick Award Winner Announced and 2006 Lloyd Fosdick Award Winner Announced for more on previous year's winning projects.

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