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Department of Computer Science University of Colorado Boulder
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Engineering Center Map


The Engineering Center, located at the corner of Regent and Colorado Avenue, is the home of the Department of Computer Science, as well as all other engineering departments at the University of Colorado Boulder. Room numbers in the Engineering Center are all of the form ECxx fnn. EC stands for Engineering Center, and xx is a two-letter code designating a specific wing of the building. Room numbers are two-part numbers, with the first part, f, representing the floor of the building, and the second part, nn, representing a specific room on the given floor. The main floor (with the revolving doors) is floor 1. Floors above that are, of course, numbered 2 through 8, while the floor immediately below the main floor is floor 1B (first basement) and the floor below that is floor 2B (second basement).

Engineering Center Rooms

Engineering Center
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