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Class Schedule by Topic Area - Spring 2004

by Semester by Instructor by Course
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I. General Computer Science
CSCI 1200-010 (4).Introduction to Computing
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?87ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 265Michael Main
 011 Recitation12177ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMECCR 239Elizabeth White
 012 Recitation12178ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMECCR 239Elizabeth White
 013 Recitation12179ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMECCR 239Shuxin Nie
 014 Recitation12180ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMECCR 239Saqib Amjad
 015 Recitation12181ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMECCR 239Saqib Amjad
 017 Recitation12183ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMECCR 239Shuxin Nie
CSCI 1300-100 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Spring 2004sec. 100Call#?220ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRDUAN G1B30Karl Winklmann
   See course page.
 111 Recitation12185ICAL 09:00am-09:50amWECCR 239Joseph Saliba
 112 Recitation12186ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWECCR 239Robert Schreiner
 113 Recitation12187ICAL 11:00am-11:50amWECCR 239Robert Schreiner
 114 Recitation12188ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWECCR 239Jared Seehafer
 115 Recitation12189ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmWECCR 239Curtis Higgins
 116 Recitation12190ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmWECCR 239Jared Seehafer
 118 Recitation12192ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWECCR 244Karl Winklmann
 119 Recitation12193ICAL 11:00am-11:50amWECCR 244Michael Howe
 120 Recitation12194ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWECCR 244Michael Howe
 121 Recitation12195ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmWECCR 244Michael Howe
 122 Recitation12196ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmWECCR 244Michael Howe
CSCI 2270-010 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?64ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMWFECCR 200Michael Main
 011 Recitation12198ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTECCH 105Shuxin Nie
 012 Recitation12199ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTECCH 105Elizabeth White
 013 Recitation12200ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTECCH 105Saqib Amjad
 014 Recitation12201ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTECCH 105Elizabeth White
 015 Recitation12202ICAL 03:30pm-04:45pmTECCH 105Saqib Amjad
CSCI 2270-020 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Spring 2004sec. 020Call#?53ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMWFECCR 200Michael Main
 021 Recitation12204ICAL 09:30am-10:45amRECCH 105Shuxin Nie
 022 Recitation12205ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmRECCH 105Elizabeth White
 023 Recitation12206ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmRECCH 105Saqib Amjad
 024 Recitation12207ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmRECCH 105Michael Main
 025 Recitation12208ICAL 03:30pm-04:45pmRECCH 105Shuxin Nie
CSCI 2830-001 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Technology for Community
Spring 2004sec. 001241896ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 108Richard Osborne
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-002.
CSCI 2830-801 (1).Special Topics in Computer Science: Educational Technology House
Spring 2004sec. 8012464111ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmTECCR 133Clayton Lewis
CSCI 4830-001 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Design, Learning and Collaboration
Spring 2004sec. 001241745ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmMWITLL 1B50Gerhard Fischer
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-001. See course page.
CSCI 4830-002 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Technology for Community
Spring 2004sec. 0022418914ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 108Richard Osborne
  Taught jointly with CSCI 2830-001.
CSCI 4830-003 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Machine Vision
Spring 2004sec. 003245830ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 133Michael Burl
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-003.
CSCI 4830-004 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Things That Think
Spring 2004sec. 004122776ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRDLC 1B10Michael Eisenberg
Ann Eisenberg
  See course announcement. Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-005. See course page.
CSCI 4830-005 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Game Programming
Spring 2004sec. 0052458426ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRDLC 2B60Alexander Repenning
Clayton Lewis
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-010.
CSCI 4830-007 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Computational Biomechanics
Spring 2004sec. 007245852ICAL 01:00pm-03:30pmWECOT 831Xiao-Chuan Cai
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-004.
CSCI 4830-008 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: The Scientific Investigation of Consciousness
Spring 2004sec. 008245860ICAL 09:00am-10:15amWFMUEN D428Michael Mozer
CSCI 7000-001 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Design, Learning and Collaboration
Spring 2004sec. 0012417512ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmMWITLL 1B50Gerhard Fischer
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-001. See course page.
CSCI 7000-003 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Machine Vision
Spring 2004sec. 003247290ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 133Michael Burl
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-003.
CSCI 7000-004 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Computational Biomechanics
Spring 2004sec. 0042458813ICAL 01:00pm-03:30pmWECOT 831Xiao-Chuan Cai
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-007.
CSCI 7000-005 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Things That Think
Spring 2004sec. 005125185ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRDLC 1B10Michael Eisenberg
  See course announcement. Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-004. See course page.
CSCI 7000-010 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Game Programming
Spring 2004sec. 010245967ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRDLC 2B60Alexander Repenning
Clayton Lewis
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-005.
II. Parallel Processing
III. Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 4202-001 (3).Artificial Intelligence 2: Machine Learning
Spring 2004sec. 0012365912ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 118Gregory Grudic
   See course page.
CSCI 5722-001 (3).Computer Vision
Spring 2004sec. 001249715ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 133Michael Burl
CSCI 5832-001 (3).Natural Language Processing
Spring 2004sec. 0011232630ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCS 1B12James Martin
  Offered through CAETE. Same as LING 5832.
CSCI 6402-001 (3).Issues and Methods in Cognitive Science
Spring 2004sec. 00124708ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmTRMCOL E155Clayton Lewis
  Same as EDUC 6504, LING 6200, PHIL 6310, and PSYC 6200.
CSCI 6622-001 (3).Advanced Machine Learning
Spring 2004sec. 001123749ICAL 03:00pm-04:15pmMWECCR 116Gregory Grudic
   See course page.
CSCI 7222-001 (3).Topics in Nonsymbolic Artificial Intelligence: The Scientific Investigation of Consciousness
Spring 2004sec. 001245909ICAL 09:00am-10:15amWFMUEN D428Michael Mozer
CSCI 7422-800 (1).Cognitive Science Research Practicum 2
Spring 2004sec. 800Consent  TBDTBDDonna Caccamise
  Same as PSYC 7425, LING 7425, and EDUC 6516.
CSCI 7762-800 (1).Readings and Research in Cognitive Science
Spring 2004sec. 80023189ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmWKTCH 303Staff
  Same as EDUC 6505, LING 7762, and PSYC 7765.
IV. Operating Systems and Hardware
CSCI 3753-010 (4).Operating Systems
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?76ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 265Dirk Grunwald
 012 Recitation12259ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWDUAN G1B27Wang-Ting Lin
 013 Recitation12260ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmWMUEN D144Wang-Ting Lin
 014 Recitation12261ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmWECCR 1B55Wang-Ting Lin
 015 Recitation12262ICAL 08:00am-08:50amWECCR 116Wang-Ting Lin
CSCI 4273-001 (3).Network Systems
Spring 2004sec. 0011226537ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 245Richard Han
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5273-001.
CSCI 4593-001 (3).Computer Organization
Spring 2004sec. 0011227249ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMWFECCR 245Daniel Connors
  Same as ECEN 4593.
CSCI 5273-001 (3).Network Systems
Spring 2004sec. 0011232021ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 245Richard Han
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4273-001.
CSCI 5473-001 (3).Applied Operating Systems
Spring 2004sec. 0012458914ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 139Gary Nutt
CSCI 5673-001 (3).Distributed Systems
Spring 2004sec. 0011232317ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 139Shivakant Mishra
  Same as ECEN 5673.
V. Theory of Computation
CSCI 3104-010 (4).Algorithms
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?76ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMWFECCR 200Harold (Hal) Gabow
  Prereqs., CSCI 2270, Calculus 2.
 011 Recitation12244ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMECCR 139Suzanne Gallagher
 012 Recitation24116ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmMECCR 139Suzanne Gallagher
 013 Recitation12245ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmMECCR 139Suzanne Gallagher
CSCI 3434-001 (3).Theory of Computation
Spring 2004sec. 0011225680ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFBESC 180Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
CSCI 5454-001 (3).Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Spring 2004sec. 0011232130ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCS 1B28Harold (Hal) Gabow
  Offered through CAETE.
VI. Programming Languages
CSCI 3155-010 (4).Principles of Programming Languages
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?87ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 200Amer Diwan
 011 Recitation12249ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmRECCR 1B55Soontaree Tanaraksiritavorn
 012 Recitation12250ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmRECCR 1B55Soontaree Tanaraksiritavorn
 013 Recitation24117ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmRECCR 1B55Soontaree Tanaraksiritavorn
VII. Numerical Computation
CSCI 3656-001 (3).Numerical Computation
Spring 2004sec. 0011225753ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmTRECCR 245Oliver McBryan
  Prereqs., CSCI 1200 or CSCI 1300, Calculus 2, and Linear Algebra. See course page.
CSCI 4446-001 (3).Chaotic Dynamics
Spring 2004sec. 0011226910ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 150Elizabeth Bradley
  Taught jointly with CSCI 6446-001.
CSCI 4576-010 (4).High-Performance Scientific Computing 1
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?9ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 105Henry Tufo
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5576-010.
 011 Lab12271ICAL 04:00pm-05:50pmWMUEN D144Matthew Woitaszek
CSCI 5576-010 (4).High-Performance Scientific Computing
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?14ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 105Henry Tufo
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4576-010.
 011 Lab24973ICAL 04:00pm-05:50pmWECCR 1B08 
CSCI 6446-001 (3).Chaotic Dynamics
Spring 2004sec. 0011237215ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 150Elizabeth Bradley
  Possibly offered through CAETE. Taught jointly with CSCI 4446-001.
CSCI 6676-001 (3).Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization
Spring 2004sec. 001245877ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECOT 832Richard Byrd
VIII. Database Systems
CSCI 5817-002 (3).Database Systems
Spring 2004sec. 0021232539ICAL 05:30pm-06:45pmMWECCS 1B28Roger (Buzz) King
  Offered through CAETE. Recommended prereqs., CSCI 3287 and CSCI 3753. These prerequisites are highly recommended.
IX. Software Engineering
CSCI 3308-020 (3).Software Engineering Methods and Tools
Spring 2004sec. 020Call#?35ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMFECCR 155Alexander Wolf
 021 Lab12253ICAL 09:00am-10:50amWECCH 105Soraya Ghiasi
 022 Lab12254ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmWECCH 105Soraya Ghiasi
CSCI 4318-010 (4).Software Engineering Project 2
Spring 2004sec. 010Call#?103ICAL 07:00pm-08:15pmMWECCR 200Bruce Sanders
   See course page.
 011 Recitation12267ICAL 06:00pm-06:50pmFTBDMartin Cochran
Jerry Sun
 012 Recitation12268ICAL 07:00pm-07:50pmFTBDGraham Schelle
X. Computer Graphics
CSCI 4229-001 (3).Computer Graphics
Spring 2004sec. 0011226425ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 108Jane Mulligan
   See course page.

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