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Class Schedule by Topic Area - Spring 2001

by Semester by Instructor by Course
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I. General Computer Science
CSCI 1200-010 (4).Introduction to Computing
Spring 2001sec. 010Call#?164ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRBESC 180Clarence (Skip) Ellis
 011 Recitation12100ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMECCR 239Rajesh Mosur
 012 Recitation12101ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMECCR 239Daniel Perez
 013 Recitation12102ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMECCR 239Rajesh Mosur
 014 Recitation12103ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMECCR 239Daniel Perez
 015 Recitation12104ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMECCR 239Rajesh Mosur
 016 Recitation12105ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMECCR 239Lu Fan
 017 Recitation12106ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMECCR 239Daniel Perez
 018 Recitation22654ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmMECCR 239Lu Fan
 019 Recitation22655ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmMECCR 239Lu Fan
CSCI 1300-020 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Spring 2001sec. 020Call#?134ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 265Michael Main
 021 Recitation12118ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMECME 107Brendan Billingsley
 022 Recitation12119ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMECME 107Audrey Vernon
 023 Recitation12120ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMECME 107Sonal Bhushan
 024 Recitation12121ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMECME 107Grant Macklem
 025 Recitation12122ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMECME 107Matthew Friedman
 026 Recitation12123ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMECME 107Patrick Christmas
 027 Recitation12124ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMECME 107Igor Kuznetsov
  Special TAs Virginia Wray (Course materials, e-mail, and online coordinator), Christopher Nuernberger (mooses), Kostas Pagratis (bears).
CSCI 1300-100 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Spring 2001sec. 100Call#?241ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRDUAN G1B30Michael Main
 112 Recitation22660ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWECCR 239Ryan King
 113 Recitation22661ICAL 11:00am-11:50amWECCR 239Ryan Lewis
 114 Recitation22662ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWECCR 239Alex Brinkman
 118 Recitation22666ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmWECCR 239Scott Carpenter
 119 Recitation22667ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMECCH 107Christopher Schenk
 120 Recitation22668ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMECCH 107Heather Willard
 121 Recitation22669ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMECCH 107Toby Jones
 122 Recitation22670ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMECCH 107Ian Bratt
 123 Recitation22671ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMECCH 107Kevin Singleton
 124 Recitation22672ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMECCH 107James Barron
 125 Recitation22673ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMECCH 107Toby Jones
  Special TAs Virginia Wray (Course materials, e-mail, and online coordinator), Christopher Nuernberger (mooses), Kostas Pagratis (bears).
CSCI 2270-010 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Spring 2001sec. 010Call#?70ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMWFBESC 180John Gillett
  Non-Computer Science majors only.
 011 Recitation12126ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmMECCR 1B54Jackson Fox
 012 Recitation12127ICAL 03:30pm-04:45pmMECCR 1B54Jayson Ryckman
 013 Recitation12128ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmMECCR 1B54David Ellis
 014 Recitation12129ICAL 08:00am-09:15amTECCR 1B54Sean Murphy
 015 Recitation12130ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTECCR 1B54Sean Murphy
 016 Recitation12131ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTECCR 1B54Patrick Simek
CSCI 2270-030 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Spring 2001sec. 030Call#?38ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMWFECCR 105John Gillett
  Computer Science majors only.
 031 Recitation12133ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmRECCR 1B54Cyrus Hall
 032 Recitation12134ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmRECCR 1B54David Johnson
CSCI 2270-040 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Spring 2001sec. 040Call#?16ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRDUAN G125Karl Winklmann
  Computer Science majors only.
 042 Recitation12138ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmMECCR 1B54Joeseph Angell
 043 Recitation12139ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmMECCR 1B54Joeseph Angell
CSCI 2270-050 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Spring 2001sec. 050Call#?32ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFDUAN G125John Gillett
  Computer Science majors only.
 051 Recitation22675ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTECCR 1B54Jacob Ott
 052 Recitation22676ICAL 03:30pm-04:45pmTECCR 1B54Alan Schmidt
CSCI 2270-800 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Spring 2001sec. 800Consent10ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRHUMN 370Richard Osborne
  Honors section requires instructor consent.
 801 RecitationConsentICAL 11:00am-11:50amWECCR 1B54David Ellis
CSCI 2830-800 (1).Special Topics in Computer Science: Educational Technology House
Spring 2001sec. 800Consent12ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmTRHUMN 160Clayton Lewis
  Requires instructor consent.
CSCI 2830-810 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Technology for Community
Spring 2001sec. 810Consent3ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmTRECST 1B21Elizabeth Jessup
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-810. See course page.
CSCI 4830-002 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Designing the Information Society of the Next Millennium
Spring 2001sec. 0021223210ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWITLL 1B50Gerhard Fischer
Ernesto Arias
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-002.
CSCI 4830-810 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Technology for Community
Spring 2001sec. 810Consent7ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmTRECST 1B21Elizabeth Jessup
  Taught jointly with CSCI 2830-810. See course page.
CSCI 4830-820 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Speech Recognition and Synthesis
Spring 2001sec. 820ConsentICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRITLL 1B50Daniel Jurafsky
CSCI 4830-830 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Things That Think
Spring 2001sec. 830Consent5ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 155Michael Eisenberg
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-830. See course page.
CSCI 7000-002 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Designing the Information Society of the Next Millennium
Spring 2001sec. 002124763ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWITLL 1B50Gerhard Fischer
Ernesto Arias
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-002.
CSCI 7000-003 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Modern Information Retrieval
Spring 2001sec. 003232168ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 116James Martin
CSCI 7000-004 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Distributed, Mobile and Pervasive Runtime Systems
Spring 2001sec. 004232176ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRDUAN G1B27John Bennett
CSCI 7000-006 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Speech Recognition and Synthesis
Spring 2001sec. 00623904ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRITLL 1B50Daniel Jurafsky
CSCI 7000-009 (1).Current Topics in Computer Science: Teaching Computer Science
Spring 2001sec. 009241574ICAL 10:00am-10:50amFECCR 139Judith Gurka
CSCI 7000-830 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Things That Think
Spring 2001sec. 830Consent6ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 155Michael Eisenberg
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-830. See course page.
II. Parallel Processing
CSCI 5551-001 (3).Parallel Processing
Spring 2001sec. 001122855ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCR 108Harry Jordan
  Same as ECEN 5553.
III. Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 5622-001 (3).Machine Learning
Spring 2001sec. 001239569ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 139Michael Mozer
  Will focus on Machine Learning. See course page.
CSCI 6402-001 (3).Issues and Methods in Cognitive Science
Spring 2001sec. 0011233712ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmTRMUEN D430Michael Eisenberg
  Same as EDUC 6504, LING 6200, PHIL 6310, and PSYC 6200.
CSCI 7422-800 (1).Cognitive Science Research Practicum 2
Spring 2001sec. 800ConsentICAL 01:00pm-02:50pmTTBDDonna Caccamise
  Same as PSYC 7425, LING 7425, and EDUC 6516.
IV. Operating Systems and Hardware
CSCI 3753-010 (4).Operating Systems
Spring 2001sec. 010Call#?105ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 1B40Zachary Bergen
Phil Levis
   See course page.
 011 Recitation12210ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmWSTAD 112Jing Deng
 012 Recitation12211ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWECCR 110Zachary Bergen
 013 Recitation12212ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmWECCR 116Phil Levis
 014 Recitation12213ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmWECCR 155Phil Levis
 015 Recitation12214ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWMUEN E432Hui Dai
CSCI 4113-002 (3).UNIX System Administration
Spring 2001sec. 0022374957ICAL 05:30pm-08:00pmWECCR 245Torleif Mohling
  Requires a good working knowledge of UNIX. TA: David Clements.
CSCI 4273-002 (3).Network Systems
Spring 2001sec. 0022402520ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 150Dirk Grunwald
CSCI 4593-001 (3).Computer Organization
Spring 2001sec. 0011223059ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMWFECCR 265Daniel Connors
  Same as ECEN 4593.
CSCI 7123-001 (3).Topics in Operating Systems: Dependable Computing Systems
Spring 2001sec. 001232195ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFDUAN G1B25Shivakant Mishra
CSCI 7143-001 (3).Topics in Computer Systems: High Performance Circuits for Microprocessor Design
Spring 2001sec. 001241283ICAL 01:00pm-02:15pmMWTBDDirk Grunwald
V. Theory of Computation
CSCI 3104-010 (4).Algorithms
Spring 2001sec. 010Call#?102ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMWFECCR 265Harold (Hal) Gabow
 011 Recitation12188ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMECCR 131San Skulrattanakulchai
 013 Recitation12190ICAL 03:30pm-04:20pmTECCR 1B51San Skulrattanakulchai
 014 Recitation12191ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmTECCR 133San Skulrattanakulchai
 015 Recitation12192ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmMECCR 131San Skulrattanakulchai
CSCI 3434-001 (3).Theory of Computation
Spring 2001sec. 0011220781ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFECCR 200Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
CSCI 5454-001 (3).Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Spring 2001sec. 0011228429ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCS 1B28Harold (Hal) Gabow
  Offered through CAETE.
VI. Programming Languages
CSCI 3155-010 (4).Principles of Programming Languages
Spring 2001sec. 010Call#?96ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 1B40Amer Diwan
 011 Recitation12194ICAL 12:30pm-01:20pmRECCR 155Richard Sharp
 012 Recitation12195ICAL 11:00am-11:50amRECCR 1B55Thomas Wrensch
 013 Recitation12196ICAL 08:00am-08:50amRECCR 133Thomas Wrensch
 014 Recitation12197ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmRDUAN G2B60Richard Sharp
VII. Numerical Computation
CSCI 3656-002 (3).Numerical Computation
Spring 2001sec. 0022374652ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 151Xiao-Chuan Cai
Richard Byrd
CSCI 4446-001 (3).Chaotic Dynamics
Spring 2001sec. 001122268ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 139Elizabeth Bradley
  Taught jointly with CSCI 6446-001.
CSCI 6446-001 (3).Chaotic Dynamics
Spring 2001sec. 001123389ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 139Elizabeth Bradley
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4446-001.
CSCI 6676-001 (3).Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization
Spring 2001sec. 001232156ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 133Richard Byrd
VIII. Database Systems
CSCI 5817-002 (3).Database Systems
Spring 2001sec. 0022372736ICAL 05:30pm-06:45pmMWECCS 1B28Roger (Buzz) King
  Offered through CAETE.
IX. Software Engineering
CSCI 3308-020 (3).Software Engineering Methods and Tools
Spring 2001sec. 020Call#?52ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMFECCR 1B40Susan Hendrix
  Computer Science majors only.
 021 Lab12204ICAL 08:00am-09:50amRECCR 1B54Gabriel DiGiacomo
Patrick Kellogg
 022 Lab12205ICAL 10:00am-11:50amRECCR 1B54Gabriel DiGiacomo
Patrick Kellogg
 023 Lab12206ICAL 03:00pm-04:50pmWECCR 1B54Gabriel DiGiacomo
Patrick Kellogg
CSCI 4318-010 (4).Software Engineering Project 2
Spring 2001sec. 010Call#?90ICAL 07:00pm-08:15pmTRECCR 245Bruce Sanders
Zachary Bergen
   See course page.
 011 Recitation12224ICAL 06:00pm-06:50pmFTBDSusanne Sherba
 012 Recitation12225ICAL 07:00pm-07:50pmFTBDGrover Jones
CSCI 4448-001 (3).Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Spring 2001sec. 0011222735ICAL 08:00am-09:15amTRECCR 105David Leberknight
Ronald LeMaster
  Not the same as CSCI 6448-001. TA: Kevin Dougherty. See course page.
CSCI 5828-001 (3).Foundations of Software Engineering
Spring 2001sec. 0011229025ICAL 10:30am-11:45amMWFECCS 1B28Alexander Wolf
  Offered through CAETE.
CSCI 6448-001 (3).Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Spring 2001sec. 0012342437ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCS 1B28Kenneth Anderson
  Offered through CAETE. Not the same as CSCI 4448-001. See course page.
CSCI 6838-002 (3).User Interface Design
Spring 2001sec. 0022390330ICAL 05:30pm-08:00pmTECCS 1B12Tamara Sumner
  Offered through CAETE.
X. Computer Graphics
CSCI 4229-800 (3).Computer Graphics
Spring 2001sec. 800Consent22ICAL 05:30pm-08:00pmRECCR 150Elizabeth Bradley
  Requires instructor consent. Taught jointly with CSCI 5229-800.
CSCI 5229-800 (3).Computer Graphics
Spring 2001sec. 800Consent20ICAL 05:30pm-08:00pmRECCR 150Elizabeth Bradley
  Requires instructor consent. Taught jointly with CSCI 4229-800.

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