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Class Schedules - GEEN 1400. Engineering Projects


GEEN 1400 (3). Engineering Projects.

Provides first-year engineering students with opportunity to apply mathematical and scientific skills in interdisciplinary engineering projects. Students work in teams to design and build engineering projects under guidance of engineering faculty. Prototype projects are exhibited at an end-of-semester design expo.

GEEN 1400 (3).Engineering Projects: Computing in Social Networking Sites
Spring 2009sec. 030Call#?25ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMITLL 160Katie Siek
   See course page.
 031 Lab16244ICAL 02:00pm-03:50pmTRITLL 160Swaminathan Ananthanarayan
GEEN 1400 (3).Engineering Projects: Engineering Costumes
Spring 2010sec. 080Call#?11ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMDLC 1B14Ann Eisenberg
Michael Eisenberg
   See course page.
 081 Lab25333ICAL 09:00am-10:50amTRDLC 1B14TA
GEEN 1400 (3).Engineering Projects: Games for Health
Fall 2011sec. 0501168930ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMITLL 150Katie Siek
   See course page.
 051 Lab11690ICAL 01:00pm-02:50pmTRITLL 150Kirun Agarwal
Hyun Choi
Fall 2010sec. 1001224830ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMITLL 150Katie Siek
   See course page.
 101 Lab12249ICAL 03:00pm-04:50pmTRITLL 150Amit Gupta
Kaitlin (Katie) Hegarty
Fall 2009sec. 030Call#?30ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMITLL 160Katie Siek
   See course page.
 031 Lab76089ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmTRITLL 160Muhammad Awan
GEEN 1400 (3).Engineering Projects: LEGO Robots
Spring 2007sec. 050Call#?26ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMITLL 160Kevin Bauer
   See course page.
 051 Lab24681ICAL 12:00pm-01:50pmTRITLL 2B10Kevin Bauer
Fall 2006sec. 110Call#?23ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMITLL 160Brian Shucker
 111 Lab85169ICAL 02:00pm-03:50pmTRITLL 2B10Kevin Bauer
Spring 2002sec. 080Call#?21ICAL 09:30am-10:45amRITLL 160John Bennett
 081 Lab24590ICAL 01:15pm-05:00pmMITLL 1B10TA
GEEN 1400 (3).Engineering Projects: Leonardo da Vinci: The Engineer
Fall 2008sec. 090Call#?15ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMDLC 1B14Michael Eisenberg
Ann Eisenberg
  Students who enroll in this section of GEEN 1400 are strongly encouraged (though not required) also to enroll in the related Herbst Humanities course "Leonardo DaVinci and His World" (HUEN 2843), taught by Prof. Diane Sieber. See course page.
 092 Lab75985ICAL 09:00am-10:50amTRDLC 1B14 
Fall 2007sec. 090Call#?16ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMDLC 1B14Michael Eisenberg
   See course page.
 092 Lab85079ICAL 09:00am-10:50amTRDLC 1B14Rhonda Hoenigman
Fall 2005sec. 100Call#?16ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMDLC 1B14Michael Eisenberg
   See course page.
 101 Lab84637ICAL 09:00am-10:50amTRDLC 1B14TA
GEEN 1400 (3).Engineering Projects: Mechanical Automata
Fall 2008sec. 130Call#?13ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMDLC 1B14Michael Eisenberg
Ann Eisenberg
   See course page.
 131 Lab85828ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmTRDLC 1B14 
Spring 2008sec. 050Call#?15ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMDLC 1B14Ann Eisenberg
Michael Eisenberg
   See course page.
 052 Lab25585ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmTRDLC 1B14Ann Eisenberg
GEEN 1400 (3).Engineering Projects: Software Exhibits
Spring 2006sec. 080Call#?33ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWITLL 160Clayton Lewis
  Students will create software exhibits, programs on the Web that demonstrate principles of engineering and science in an entertaining and engaging form, analogous to the hardware exhibits on display in the ITLL. Possible topics include cellular automata, diffusion, crystal growth, or fluid flow.
 081 Lab25185ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmMFITLL 1B10Edwin Eng
Jonathan Raphaelson

If you have any questions concerning class schedules, contact Lesley McDowell.

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