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Class Schedule by Topic Area - Fall 2008

by Semester by Instructor by Course
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I. General Computer Science
CSCI 1000-001 (1).Computer Science as a Field of Work and Study
Fall 2008sec. 0017259357ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmMKOBL 330Clayton Lewis
  Recommended for Computer Science Freshmen.
CSCI 1220-001 (4).Virtual Worlds: An Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2008sec. 0017260059ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRATLS 100John Bennett
  An additional hour of class meeting time per week will occur in the "virtual world", at a time to be determined after the first class session. Same as ATLS 1220.
CSCI 1300-010 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?42ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMWFKOBL 300Gary Nutt
  For Computer Science majors.
 011 Recitation83757ICAL 09:00am-09:50amTECCR 235Jason Robison
 012 Recitation83758ICAL 10:00am-10:50amTECCR 235Jason Robison
 013 Recitation83759ICAL 11:00am-11:50amTECCR 235Jason Robison
CSCI 1300-100 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Fall 2008sec. 100Call#?115ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMWFMCDB A2B70Clayton Lewis
  Open to all students. Computer Science majors should sign up for Section 010.
 101 Recitation72608ICAL 08:00am-08:50amWECCR 235Jane Meyers
 102 Recitation72609ICAL 09:00am-09:50amWECCR 235Jane Meyers
 103 Recitation72610ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWECCR 235David Cheeseman
 104 Recitation72611ICAL 11:00am-11:50amWECCR 235Jane Meyers
 105 Recitation72612ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWECCR 235David Cheeseman
 106 Recitation72613ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmWECCR 235David Cheeseman
 107 Recitation72614ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmWECCR 235Hadjar Homaei
 108 Recitation72615ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmWECCR 235Hadjar Homaei
 109 Recitation72616ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmWECCR 235Hadjar Homaei
GEEN 1300-100 (3).Introduction to Engineering Computing
Fall 2008sec. 100Call#?292ICAL 08:00am-08:50amMWDUAN G1B30David Clough
 101 Recitation75950ICAL 08:00am-09:50amTECCH 107Ruth Martin
 102 Recitation75951ICAL 10:00am-11:50amTECCH 107Bryan Lemaster
 104 Recitation75952ICAL 01:00pm-02:50pmTECCH 107Rebecca Baird
 105 Recitation75953ICAL 03:00pm-04:50pmTECCH 107Julie Korak
 109 Recitation75954ICAL 08:00am-09:50amRECCH 107Aaron Biel
 111 Recitation75955ICAL 10:00am-11:50amRECCH 107Kurt Dageforde
 113 Recitation75956ICAL 01:00pm-02:50pmRECCH 107Brian May
 115 Recitation75957ICAL 03:00pm-04:50pmRECCH 107Holly Sewell
 117 Recitation75958ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmWECCH 107Kelly Colwell
 118 Recitation75959ICAL 01:00pm-02:50pmWECCH 107Kevin Hoth
 119 Recitation75960ICAL 03:00pm-04:50pmWECCH 107Sean Hall
 120 Recitation75961ICAL 08:00am-09:50amFECCH 107Rami Foster
GEEN 1400-090 (3).Engineering Projects: Leonardo da Vinci: The Engineer
Fall 2008sec. 090Call#?15ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMDLC 1B14Michael Eisenberg
Ann Eisenberg
  Students who enroll in this section of GEEN 1400 are strongly encouraged (though not required) also to enroll in the related Herbst Humanities course "Leonardo DaVinci and His World" (HUEN 2843), taught by Prof. Diane Sieber. See course page.
 092 Lab75985ICAL 09:00am-10:50amTRDLC 1B14 
GEEN 1400-130 (3).Engineering Projects: Mechanical Automata
Fall 2008sec. 130Call#?13ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMDLC 1B14Michael Eisenberg
Ann Eisenberg
   See course page.
 131 Lab85828ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmTRDLC 1B14 
CSCI 2270-010 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?86ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMWFECCR 245Michael Main
   See course page.
 011 Recitation72618ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTECCS 112CKevin Bauer
 012 Recitation72619ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTECCS 112CHarold Gonzales
 013 Recitation72620ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTECCS 112CHarold Gonzales
 014 Recitation72621ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTECCS 112CKevin Bauer
 015 Recitation84153ICAL 03:30pm-04:45pmTECCS 112CKevin Bauer
CSCI 2400-020 (4).Computer Systems
Fall 2008sec. 020Call#?42ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 151Dirk Grunwald
 021 Recitation85386ICAL 10:00am-10:50amRECCS 112CBryan Dixon
 022 Recitation85387ICAL 11:00am-11:50amRECCS 112CBryan Dixon
 023 Recitation85439ICAL 09:00am-09:50amRECCS 112CBryan Dixon
CSCI 2830-001 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Linear Algebra with Computer Science Applications
Fall 2008sec. 0017262233ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 1B51Richard Byrd
  Prereqs., CSCI 2270, Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 with grades of C- or better.
CSCI 4810-001 (1).Seminar in Computational Biology and Health Informatics
Fall 2008sec. 001843510ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmMKOBL 220Katie Siek
CSCI 4830-003 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Computational Geometries
Fall 2008sec. 003852162ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmTRMUEN D430Michael Eisenberg
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-003. See course page.
CSCI 6000-001 (1).Introduction to the Computer Science PhD Program
Fall 2008sec. 0018465614ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWKOBL 235John Black
  For new PhD students.
CSCI 7000-001 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Modern Information Retrieval
Fall 2008sec. 0018297516ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCR 139James Martin
   See course page.
CSCI 7000-002 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Digital and Social Systems Foundations
Fall 2008sec. 0028500110ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWITLL 1B50Gerhard Fischer
  Taught jointly with CSCI 3002-001.
CSCI 7000-003 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Computational Geometries
Fall 2008sec. 003852119ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmTRMUEN D430Michael Eisenberg
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-003. See course page.
CSCI 7000-004 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Systems and Algorithms for Massive Data Applications
Fall 2008sec. 004855497ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECST 1B21Qin (Christine) Lv
   See course page.
CSCI 7000-005 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Human-Computer Interaction -- Survey and Synthesis
Fall 2008sec. 0058555512ICAL 09:30am-12:00pmTECOT 831Leysia Palen
   See course page.
II. Parallel Processing
III. Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 3002-001 (3).Human-Centered Computing Foundations
Fall 2008sec. 0018421817ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWITLL 1B50Gerhard Fischer
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-002.
CSCI 3112-801 (1).Human-Centered Computing Professional Development
Fall 2008sec. 801Consent5  TBDDLC 1B20Clayton Lewis
  Students will arrange meeting times directly with the instructor. Same as ATLS 3112.
CSCI 3112-802 (2).Human-Centered Computing Professional Development
Fall 2008sec. 802Consent2  TBDDLC 1B20Clayton Lewis
  Students will arrange meeting times directly with the instructor. Same as ATLS 3112.
CSCI 3112-803 (3).Human-Centered Computing Professional Development
Fall 2008sec. 803Consent0  TBDDLC 1B20Clayton Lewis
  Students will arrange meeting times directly with the instructor. Same as ATLS 3112.
CSCI 3202-001 (3).Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2008sec. 0017267658ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 105Steven Bethard
   See course page.
CSCI 3702-001 (3).Cognitive Science
Fall 2008sec. 001726835ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRMUEN D428Michael Mozer
  Same as LING 3005, PHIL 3310, and PSYC 3005. See course page.
CSCI 3702-002 (3).Cognitive Science
Fall 2008sec. 002846426ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRMUEN D430Robert Rupert
  Same as LING 3005, PHIL 3310, and PSYC 3005. See course page.
CSCI 4312-001 (3).Health Informatics
Fall 2008sec. 001842265ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFECCS 1B12Katie Siek
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5312-001. See course page.
CSCI 4342-001 (3).Groupware and Workflow Systems
Fall 2008sec. 001842282ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 139Clarence (Skip) Ellis
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5342-001. See course page.
CSCI 5312-001 (3).Health Informatics
Fall 2008sec. 001845818ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFECCS 1B12Katie Siek
  Offered through CAETE. Taught jointly with CSCI 4312-001. See course page.
CSCI 5342-001 (3).Groupware and Workflow Systems
Fall 2008sec. 001842324ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 139Clarence (Skip) Ellis
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4342-001. See course page.
CSCI 5622-001 (3).Machine Learning
Fall 2008sec. 0018457735ICAL 05:30pm-08:00pmWECCR 151Gregory Grudic
   See course page.
CSCI 7412-001 (2).Cognitive Science Research Practicum
Fall 2008sec. 001858490ICAL 10:00am-12:00pmRMUEN D424Martha Palmer
  Same as LING 7415, PSYC 7415, and EDUC 6506. See course page.
CSCI 7422-001 (2).Cognitive Science Research Practicum 2
Fall 2008sec. 001729703ICAL 10:00am-12:00pmRMUEN D424Martha Palmer
  Same as PSYC 7425, LING 7425, and EDUC 6516.
CSCI 7772-001 (2).Topics in Cognitive Science
Fall 2008sec. 001858534ICAL 12:00pm-01:50pmFMUEN D430Martha Palmer
  Same as EDUC 7775, LING 7775, PSYC 7775, and SLHS 7775. See course page.
IV. Operating Systems and Hardware
CSCI 4123-030 (3).Network Laboratory
Fall 2008sec. 030Call#?2ICAL 01:00pm-02:45pmFECEE 283Jose Santos
  Taught jointly with TLEN 5460. See course page.
 031 Lab85694ICAL 03:00pm-06:30pmFECEE 275AAvinash Saraff
CSCI 4273-001 (3).Network Systems
Fall 2008sec. 0017268621ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCS 1B12Shivakant Mishra
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5273-001.
CSCI 4593-001 (3).Computer Organization
Fall 2008sec. 001829675ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMWFECEE 1B28Vincent Heuring
  Same as ECEN 4593. See course page.
CSCI 5273-001 (3).Network Systems
Fall 2008sec. 0018296914ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCS 1B12Shivakant Mishra
  Offered through CAETE. Taught jointly with CSCI 4273-001.
CSCI 5573-001 (3).Advanced Operating Systems
Fall 2008sec. 0018457613ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 151Dirk Grunwald
CSCI 5593-001 (3).Advanced Computer Architecture
Fall 2008sec. 001841643ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECEE 1B28Manish Vachharajani
  Same as ECEN 5593. See course page.
CSCI 7143-001 (3).Topics in Computer Systems: Programming Non-Traditional Multiprocessors
Fall 2008sec. 001850610ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECEE 265Manish Vachharajani
  Taught jointly with ECEN 5023. See course page.
V. Theory of Computation
CSCI 3104-010 (4).Algorithms
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?53ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFECCR 150John Black
   See course page.
 011 Recitation72671ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmFECCR 150Neeti Wagle
 012 Recitation72672ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmFECCR 137Neeti Wagle
CSCI 3434-001 (3).Theory of Computation
Fall 2008sec. 0017268221ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMWFECCR 133Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
CSCI 4314-001 (3).Algorithms for Molecular Biology
Fall 2008sec. 001842274ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWMUEN E064Debra Goldberg
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5314-001. Same as MCDB 4314. See course page.
CSCI 5314-001 (3).Algorithms for Molecular Biology
Fall 2008sec. 001842317ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWMUEN E064Debra Goldberg
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4314-001. Same as MCDB 5314. See course page.
CSCI 5444-001 (3).Introduction to Theory of Computation
Fall 2008sec. 0017275418ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMWFECCR 1B51Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
VI. Programming Languages
CSCI 3155-010 (4).Principles of Programming Languages
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?25ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMWFKOBL 302Michael Main
 011 Recitation72674ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmTMUEN E064Yingdan Huang
 012 Recitation72675ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmTECCR 105Yingdan Huang
CSCI 4555-001 (3).Compiler Construction
Fall 2008sec. 001829669ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMWFECCS 1B28Jeremy Siek
  Same as ECEN 4553. Taught jointly with CSCI 5525-001. See course page.
CSCI 5525-001 (3).Compiler Construction
Fall 2008sec. 001829706ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMWFECCS 1B28Jeremy Siek
  Offered through CAETE. Same as ECEN 5523. Taught jointly with CSCI 4555-001. See course page.
CSCI 7135-001 (3).Topics in Programming Languages: Program Analysis
Fall 2008sec. 001843536ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFECCR 133Amer Diwan
VII. Numerical Computation
CSCI 4576-010 (4).High-Performance Scientific Computing 1
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?3ICAL 08:00am-09:15amTRECCR 139Matthew Woitaszek
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5576-010.
 011 Lab72691ICAL 04:00pm-05:50pmWECCR 137 
CSCI 5576-010 (4).High-Performance Scientific Computing
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?14ICAL 08:00am-09:15amTRECCR 139Henry Tufo
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4576-010.
 011 Lab72757ICAL 04:00pm-05:50pmWECCR 137 
CSCI 5606-001 (3).Principles of Numerical Computation
Fall 2008sec. 0017275916ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCS 1B14Richard Byrd
  Offered through CAETE.
CSCI 5646-001 (3).Numerical Linear Algebra
Fall 2008sec. 0018426211ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 116Elizabeth Jessup
   See course page.
CSCI 7176-001 (3).Topics in Numerical Computation: Recent Development in Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Fall 2008sec. 001859287ICAL 01:00pm-03:30pmWECOT 726Xiao-Chuan Cai
VIII. Database Systems
CSCI 3287-001 (3).Database and Information Systems
Fall 2008sec. 0017267737ICAL 05:00pm-07:30pmTECCS 1B12Roger (Buzz) King
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7717-001.
CSCI 7717-001 (3).Topics in Database Systems: Information Systems Technology
Fall 2008sec. 0018297810ICAL 05:00pm-07:30pmTECCS 1B12Roger (Buzz) King
  Offered through CAETE. Taught jointly with CSCI 3287-001.
IX. Software Engineering
CSCI 3308-010 (3).Software Engineering Methods and Tools
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?74ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMWECCR 200Amer Diwan
 012 Lab72680ICAL 11:00am-12:50pmWECCS 112CChristoph Reichenbach
 013 Lab72681ICAL 01:00pm-02:50pmWECCS 112CChenyu Zheng
 014 Lab85250ICAL 03:00pm-04:50pmWECCS 112CChenyu Zheng
 015 Lab85757ICAL 05:00pm-06:50pmWECCS 112CChristoph Reichenbach
CSCI 4308-010 (4).Software Engineering Project 1
Fall 2008sec. 010Call#?49ICAL 03:30pm-06:15pmTECCR 150Bruce Sanders
   See course page.
 011 Recitation72688ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmRECCR 105Guy Cobb
Benjamin Robinson
CSCI 4448-001 (3).Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Fall 2008sec. 0017268930ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 155Kenneth Anderson
  Taught jointly with CSCI 6448-001. See course page.
CSCI 6448-001 (3).Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Fall 2008sec. 0018297318ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 155Kenneth Anderson
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4448-001. See course page.
CSCI 7818-001 (3).Topics in Software Engineering: Web Services
Fall 2008sec. 0018426414ICAL 04:00pm-06:30pmWECST 1B21Kenneth Anderson
   See course page.
X. Computer Graphics
CSCI 4229-001 (3).Computer Graphics
Fall 2008sec. 0017268535ICAL 05:00pm-07:30pmRKOBL S127Willem (Vlakkies) Schreüder
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5229-001. See course page.
CSCI 4809-001 (3).Computer Animation
Fall 2008sec. 0018423019ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRATLS 1B25Roger (Buzz) King
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5809-001.
CSCI 5229-001 (3).Computer Graphics
Fall 2008sec. 0018296825ICAL 05:00pm-07:30pmRKOBL S127Willem (Vlakkies) Schreüder
  Offered through CAETE. Taught jointly with CSCI 4229-001. See course page.
CSCI 5809-001 (3).Computer Animation
Fall 2008sec. 0018426314ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRATLS 1B25Roger (Buzz) King
  Offered through CAETE. Taught jointly with CSCI 4809-001.

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