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Class Schedule by Course Number - Fall 1999

by Semester by Instructor by Course
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by Course Number by Class Time by Topic Area
CSCI 1200-010 (4).Introduction to Computing
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?113ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 1B40Clarence (Skip) Ellis
 011 Recitation72242ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMECCR 235Bo Quan
 012 Recitation72243ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMECCR 235Bo Quan
 013 Recitation72244ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmMECCR 235Bo Quan
 014 Recitation72245ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMECCR 235Wayne Demery
 015 Recitation72246ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMECCR 235Wayne Demery
 016 Recitation72247ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMECCR 235Wayne Demery
CSCI 1300-010 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?79ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 200John Gillett
  Section 010 is for ECE and EE majors only. Computer Science majors should sign up for sections 020 or 060. All others may take 030.
 011 Recitation72249ICAL 09:00am-09:50amWECCH 107Cyrus Hall
 012 Recitation72250ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWECCH 107John Wilson
 013 Recitation72251ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmWECCR 239John Wilson
 014 Recitation72252ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmWECCR 239John Wilson
CSCI 1300-020 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Fall 1999sec. 020Call#?67ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCR 245Clayton Lewis
  Sections 020 and 060 are for Computer Science majors only. ECE and EE majors should sign up for section 010. All others may take 030.
 023 Recitation72256ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMECCH 107Melissa Dawe
 024 Recitation72257ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMECCH 107Patrick Simek
 025 Recitation82818ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMECCH 107Melissa Dawe
 026 Recitation82819ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMECCH 107Melissa Dawe
CSCI 1300-030 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Fall 1999sec. 030Call#?197ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRDUAN G1B30John Gillett
  Section 030 is for all majors other than Computer Science, ECE, and EE. Computer Science majors should sign up for sections 020 or 060. ECE and EE majors should sign up for 010.
 031 Recitation72259ICAL 08:00am-08:50amWECCH 107Lu Fan
 032 Recitation72260ICAL 09:00am-09:50amWECCH 107Lu Fan
 033 Recitation72261ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWECCH 107Lu Fan
 034 Recitation72262ICAL 11:00am-11:50amWECCH 107Alan Schmidt
 035 Recitation72263ICAL 12:00pm-12:50pmWECCH 107Guoxiang Shen
 036 Recitation72264ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmWECME 107Guoxiang Shen
 037 Recitation72265ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmWECME 107Lihua Wang
 038 Recitation82820ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmWECME 107Lihua Wang
 039 Recitation82821ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmWECME 107Lihua Wang
 040 Recitation82822ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmWECME 107Gabriel DiGiacomo
CSCI 1300-060 (4).Computer Science 1: Programming
Fall 1999sec. 060Call#?42ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 105Michael Main
  Sections 020 and 060 are for Computer Science majors only. ECE and EE majors should sign up for section 010. All others may take 030.
 061 Recitation84788ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMECCH 107Amy Kerrigan
 062 Recitation84789ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMECCH 107Guoxiang Shen
 063 Recitation84790ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMECCH 107Sam Barranco
CSCI 2270-010 (4).Computer Science 2: Data Structures
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?154ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 265Chris Bell
 011 Recitation72267ICAL 08:00am-09:15amMECCR 1B54Jason Brant
 012 Recitation72268ICAL 10:00am-11:15amMECCR 1B54Jason Brant
 013 Recitation72269ICAL 01:00pm-02:15pmMECCR 1B54Brian (Ponch) Pontarelli
 014 Recitation72270ICAL 03:00pm-04:15pmMECCR 1B54Soraya Ghiasi
 015 Recitation72271ICAL 05:00pm-06:15pmMECCR 1B54Soraya Ghiasi
 016 Recitation72272ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTECCR 1B54Soraya Ghiasi
 017 Recitation72273ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTECCR 1B54Brian (Ponch) Pontarelli
CSCI 2830-001 (1).Special Topics in Computer Science: Computer Science as a Field of Work and Study
Fall 1999sec. 0017227488ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmMECCR 1B40Clayton Lewis
  Required for Computer Science Freshmen.
CSCI 2830-002 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Linear Algebra with Computer Science Applications
Fall 1999sec. 0028347422ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCR 108Elizabeth Jessup
CSCI 3104-010 (4).Algorithms
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?93ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmMWFECCR 245Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
 011 Recitation72323ICAL 08:00am-08:50amTMUEN E118San Skulrattanakulchai
 012 Recitation72324ICAL 03:30pm-04:20pmTDUAN G2B41San Skulrattanakulchai
 013 Recitation72325ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmTKTCH 235San Skulrattanakulchai
CSCI 3155-010 (4).Principles of Programming Languages
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?67ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 200David Black
 012 Recitation72328ICAL 10:00am-10:50amWMUEN D144Han Lee
 013 Recitation72329ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmWECCR 139Han Lee
 014 Recitation72330ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmWECCR 118Han Lee
CSCI 3155-020 (4).Principles of Programming Languages
Fall 1999sec. 020Call#?38ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 151Charles Martin
 021 Recitation83475ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmWECCR 110William Woessner
 022 Recitation83476ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmWMUEN D144William Woessner
CSCI 3287-001 (3).Database and Information Systems
Fall 1999sec. 0017233177ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWBESC 185Richard Osborne
CSCI 3308-010 (3).Software Engineering Methods and Tools
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?122ICAL 05:30pm-06:20pmTRECCR 265Robert Steinke
 011 Lab72333ICAL 08:00am-09:50amWECCR 1B54Paul Prestopnik
 012 Lab72334ICAL 10:00am-11:50amWECCR 1B54Paul Prestopnik
 013 Lab72335ICAL 12:00pm-01:50pmWECCR 1B54Kevin Cawley
 014 Lab72336ICAL 02:00pm-03:50pmWECCR 1B54Paul Prestopnik
 015 Lab72337ICAL 04:00pm-05:50pmWECCR 1B54Bryan Loughry
 016 Lab72338ICAL 08:00am-09:50amRECCR 1B54Kevin Cawley
 017 Lab72339ICAL 10:00am-11:50amRECCR 1B54Kevin Cawley
CSCI 3434-001 (3).Theory of Computation
Fall 1999sec. 0018346429ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMWFECCR 150Michael Main
CSCI 3656-001 (3).Numerical Computation
Fall 1999sec. 0017234844ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 1B51Richard Byrd
CSCI 3702-001 (3).Cognitive Science
Fall 1999sec. 00184305ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRMUEN D430Daniel Jurafsky
Daniel Stoljar
  Same as LING 3005, PHIL 3310, and PSYC 3005.
CSCI 3753-010 (4).Operating Systems
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?56ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRECCR 200Vasanthan Dasan
 011 Recitation72350ICAL 11:00am-11:50amWECCR 1B51Charles (Brad) Morrey III
 012 Recitation72351ICAL 03:00pm-03:50pmWBUS 251Charles (Brad) Morrey III
CSCI 4229-002 (3).Computer Graphics
Fall 1999sec. 0028432839ICAL 04:00pm-06:30pmMECCR 1B51Oliver McBryan
CSCI 4273-001 (3).Network Systems
Fall 1999sec. 001723520ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCS 1B28Dirk Grunwald
  Taught jointly with CSCI 5273-001. See course page.
CSCI 4308-010 (4).Software Engineering Project 1
Fall 1999sec. 010Call#?75ICAL 03:30pm-06:15pmTECCR 200Bruce Sanders
   See course page.
 011 Recitation72355ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmWECCR 155John Gillett
 012 Recitation72356ICAL 04:00pm-04:50pmRDUAN G2B21Phil Levis
 013 Recitation82823ICAL 05:00pm-05:50pmRECCR 151Michael Neufeld
CSCI 4448-001 (3).Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Fall 1999sec. 0017235734ICAL 08:00am-09:15amTRECCR 151David Leberknight
CSCI 4555-001 (3).Compiler Construction
Fall 1999sec. 0017235818ICAL 09:00am-09:50amMWFECCR 110William Waite
  Same as ECEN 4553.
CSCI 4593-001 (3).Computer Organization
Fall 1999sec. 0017235979ICAL 10:00am-10:50amMWFECCR 105Vincent Heuring
  Same as ECEN 4593.
CSCI 4830-801 (3).Special Topics in Computer Science: Internet Dreams
Fall 1999sec. 801834775ICAL 01:00pm-02:15pmMWITLL 1B50Tamara Sumner
  Taught jointly with CSCI 7000-001.
CSCI 5273-001 (3).Network Systems
Fall 1999sec. 0017242450ICAL 12:30pm-01:45pmTRECCS 1B28Dirk Grunwald
  Offered through CAETE. Taught jointly with CSCI 4273-001. See course page.
CSCI 5444-001 (3).Introduction to Theory of Computation
Fall 1999sec. 0017242641ICAL 02:00pm-02:50pmMWFECCR 1B55Andrzej Ehrenfeucht
CSCI 5525-001 (3).Compiler Construction
Fall 1999sec. 001724272ICAL 11:00am-11:50amMWFECCR 110William Waite
  Same as ECEN 5523. See course page.
CSCI 5535-001 (3).Fundamental Concepts of Programming Languages
Fall 1999sec. 0017242838ICAL 01:00pm-01:50pmMWFECCR 151Amer Diwan
  Same as ECEN 5533.
CSCI 5573-001 (3).Advanced Operating Systems
Fall 1999sec. 0017242911ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 1B55Gary Nutt
  Same as ECEN 5573.
CSCI 5582-001 (3).Artificial Intelligence
Fall 1999sec. 0017243045ICAL 04:00pm-05:15pmMWECCS 1B12James Martin
  Offered through CAETE. Same as ECEN 5583.
CSCI 5606-001 (3).Principles of Numerical Computation
Fall 1999sec. 0017243114ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 116Xiao-Chuan Cai
CSCI 5622-001 (3).Machine Learning
Fall 1999sec. 0017243213ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCR 118Michael Mozer
CSCI 5636-001 (3).Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Fall 1999sec. 0018472812ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 151Xiao-Chuan Cai
CSCI 6448-001 (3).Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Fall 1999sec. 0017248240ICAL 09:30am-10:45amTRECCS 1B12Alexander Wolf
  Offered through CAETE.
CSCI 6454-001 (3).Advanced Algorithms
Fall 1999sec. 0017248411ICAL 02:00pm-03:15pmTRECCR 137Harold (Hal) Gabow
CSCI 7000-001 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Internet Dreams
Fall 1999sec. 0018437810ICAL 01:00pm-02:15pmMWITLL 1B50Tamara Sumner
  Taught jointly with CSCI 4830-801.
CSCI 7000-002 (3).Current Topics in Computer Science: Workflow Management Systems
Fall 1999sec. 002842309ICAL 11:00am-12:15pmTRBUS 207Clarence (Skip) Ellis
CSCI 7717-001 (3).Topics in Database Systems: Advanced Databases
Fall 1999sec. 0018429122ICAL 05:30pm-06:45pmMWECCS 1B12Roger (Buzz) King
  Offered through CAETE.
CSCI 7762-001 (1).Readings and Research in Cognitive Science
Fall 1999sec. 001845365ICAL 02:30pm-04:00pmWECCH 105Gerry Stahl
  Same as EDUC 6505, LING 7762, and PSYC 7765.
CSCI 7818-001 (3).Topics in Software Engineering: Open Hypermedia
Fall 1999sec. 001844479ICAL 02:00pm-04:30pmTECCR 122Kenneth Anderson
   See course page.

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To sign up for a course that has recitations (or labs) you only need to sign up for a recitation (or lab). That automatically enrolls you in the corresponding lecture. Same for dropping. That's why recitations (and labs) have call numbers, but courses with recitations (or labs) don't.

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