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Faculty Course Questionnaires - CSCI 5832


CSCI 5832 (3). Natural Language Processing.

Explores the field of natural language processing as it is concerned with the theoretical and practical issues that arise in getting computers to perform useful and interesting tasks with natural language. Covers the problems of understanding complex language phenomena and building practical programs. Same as LING 5832. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor.

CSCI 5832. Natural Language Processing
Martin, James
Fall 1997 (sec. 001) HiHiHiHi·
Fall 1998 (sec. 002) HiHiHiHiStar
Spring 2000 (sec. 001) HiHiHiStarHi
Spring 2003 (sec. 001) HiHiHiStarHi
Spring 2004 (sec. 001) HiStarHiHiStar
Spring 2006 (sec. 001) HiHiHiHi·
Spring 2007 (sec. 001) HiHiHi7-9Hi
Spring 2008 (sec. 001) HiHiHi4-6Hi
Spring 2009 (sec. 001) HiHiHi4-6Star
Spring 2010 (sec. 001) HiHiHi7-9Hi

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