Poster and demo presentations will take place on Thursday, June 9, 4:00-4:30, in the UMC Main Ballroom. All conference breaks will take place in the poster presentations area.


Mixed-Media Learning Environments
Dor Abrahamson, Paulo Blikstein, Northwestern University; K.K. Lamberty, Georgia Institute of Technology; Uri Wilensky, Northwestern University

Designing for Nomadic Play: A case study of participatory design with children
Martin Brynskov, Bent G. Christensen, University of Aarhus, Denmark; Martin Ludvigsen, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark; Ann-Marie Collins, LEGO Learning Institute, Denmark; Kaj Grønbæk, University of Aarhus, Denmark

INFUSE - An Inquiry-based Field Learning Framework
Vasudha Chandrasekaran, Dennis P. Groth, Yvonne Rogers, School of Informatics, Indiana University, USA

Collaborative Creation of Knowledge Artifacts in an Outdoor Environment for Young Children
Gene Chipman, Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha, Jerry Alan Fails, Wayne Churaman, University of Maryland, USA

Interactive Story-telling, Cooperative e-Learning, and Kids: a Field Study
Franca Garzotto and Francesca Rizzo, Politecnico of Milano, Italy

Educational Gaming: Middle School Students' Activity Preferences
Dolly R. D. Joseph, Mable B. Kinzie, University of Virginia, USA

Children and Help: Initial Observations of the Usability of KidPad Animated Help
Matleena Koivisto, Saila Ovaska, University of Tampere, Finland

Generating meaning through interaction in a refreshing interactive water installation for children
Narcís Parés, Anna Carreras, Jaume Durany, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain

Wizard of Oz Evaluations with Children - Deception and Discovery
Janet C Read, Emanuela Mazzone, University of Central Lancashire, Johanna Höysniemi, University of Tampere, Finland

Children Accidents' Simulation: Planning the Emergent Situations
Altion Simo, Digital Human Research Center, Koji Kitamura, Tokyo University of Science, Yoshifumi Nishida, Digital Human Research Center, Japan

Integrating Aesthetic, Engineering, and Scientific Understanding in a Hands-on Design Activity
Elisabeth Sylvan, MIT Media Lab, USA

Addressing Assessment Challenges for a Multi-User Simulation with Handheld Integration (MUSHI)
Richard Vath, Leilah Lyons, Joseph Lee, Makiko Kawamura, Chris Quintana, and Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan, USA

Literacy Inventory Protocol (LIP) : Pedagogical Tool for Iterative Prototype Design
Loretta Wolozin, Parsons School of Design, USA; Byung-ju Kim, Kyung Dong University, South Korea

Classroom Affordances of Handheld Software to Support Student Self-Assessment in Science
Louise Yarnall, William Penuel, Nicole Shechtman, Center for Technology in Learning, USA

Awareness system for children in distributed families
Orit Zuckerman, Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab, USA


Authoring Toolkits for Augmented Reality Simulations
Eric Klopfer, Judy Perry, MIT Teacher Education Program, USA

MUSHI: Demonstrating A Multi-User Simulation with Handheld Integration
Joseph Lee, Leilah Lyons, Makiko Kawamura, Chris Quintana, Richard Vath, Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan, USA

Tools for Creating Custom Physical Computer Interfaces
Amon Millner, Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab, USA

Bubble Caster - A Mixed Reality Children Application for Interactive Shadow Play
Thomas Winkler, Sonja Arend, Lia Hadley, André Melzer, Michael Herczeg, University of Luebeck, Germany

Making Processes Visible and Manipulable
Oren Zuckerman, Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab, USA