Travel Information

From Denver International Airport
  • Boulder Super Shuttle - $20 one way to Boulder hotels - go to the Boulder Super Shuttle counter in the main terminal to check in for the next departing shuttle. Shuttles depart at 10 minutes past the hour. Phone (303) 227-0000 for more info.

  • RTD's skyRide -- this is the city bus system -- there is a direct bus from DIA to Boulder -- Click here for the skyRide website.

  • Taxi -- a taxi ride from DIA to Boulder will cost approximately $50. There are taxi stands located on Level 6 of DIA, and taxi information in the main concourse.

Getting around in Boulder

Boulder has a comprehensive and easy to use system of shuttle buses that operate frequently -- the HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT cover much of the city. Click here to access the Go Boulder website, which has maps and schedules. The HOP is the shuttle that goes around campus.

Boulder also has a local taxi company, but be prepared for a wait -- this isn't a very taxi-heavy town. Boulder Yellow Cab: 303 442-2277.

Bike rentals: Boulder is extremely accessible by bike -- and it is lovely to bike up into the foothills in June. University Bicycles, 839 Pearl St., (303) 444-4196. Prices are $25/1 day, $45/2 days, $55/3 days.

Car rentals are available from DIA, or within Boulder. Check rental company websites for details.

Parking on Campus
Here is a parking map for the Boulder Campus (click on the "Campus Parking Map" link). Conference activities will take place at the University Memorial Center. The closest guest parking is adjacent at Euclid Auto Park. Some lots are free on Saturday/Sunday -- read the posted signs carefully before parking.